Opal is one of the most precious stones glowing in the sun with a subtle spark. It is glamorous and brings a royal appeal to any outfit. As such, opal jewellery is the best way to enhance any dress and show off this gorgeous stone through different pieces like rings, necklaces, and more.

Buying opal jewellery could feel confusing since the colours, build, and elements of the item differ. So, you must carefully select a rare and delicate piece made with quality gemstones after understanding their worth and legitimacy.

One should always purchase such items from a qualified and rated store for the best results. And here are a few ways to choose opal jewellery to preserve for ages and complement every dress.

Statement Rings

These jewels cannot simply be a side piece; they are the star of the show, and as such, one must wear statement rings with subtle outfits to bring out their beauty. The stone’s beauty and natural occurrences allow one to wear multiple colours matching every dress and outfit without hurdles. Also, choose an oval shape for longer dresses and teardrop shapes for formal clothes for the best looks.

Pink and neon green opal jewels are the most trending selection in this category due to their unique looks and new appeal. One can also select new shapes and sizes with a thinner or wide band dependent on how extravagant one wants their jewellery. Also, you may choose a simple piece for a glam look and thicker or unique colours for a look that stands out but determine the ring size perfectly before purchase.


Necklaces adorned with these gems are always a smoke show. A single stone at the end of a chain is enough to get heads turning. One can find pieces with proper polishing that produce a galaxy look with their shine and variety. As such, select a rough stone to admire its natural beauty and increase its worth. Also, ensure the chains are long since an opal choker with a single gem could look unappealing and out of place.

Buy this jewellery piece with a wide band to make it a statement neckpiece worn with deep necks to stand out. One can also purchase a long chain with multiple teardrop opals spread throughout to give it a royal and rich appeal. Besides, opals come best in 3’s.


The stone’s weight can say a lot about its purity; they are comfortable to wear and does not make it heavy on the body. So, one must choose earrings based on their necklaces to produce the perfect combination. As such, select rich opals with other stones for earrings since extravagant earrings look the shiniest while still being chic.

Opal’s chemical structure allows it to deflect light and show multitudes of colours. One must purchase a unique colour combination as it is worth more than regular pieces. Earrings are the best purchase for starters since they are much cheaper and have smaller stones for those who want to start light.


The other trends in jewellery pieces made with this gemstone help one create their own style and individuality while selecting classic stones. You may wear triple chains with different stones to layer them perfectly for casual dresses since opal’s versatility can lift any look. Thigh chains are another jewellery item one can buy at a professional store to fit sizeably. Also, you may fit opals in the middle or throughout the chain in a hanging pattern.

One can wear necklaces with short chains on their thighs to be innovative. Similarly, add opals to hair and nose accessories in different sizes to make them appealing and overshadow every other piece of jewellery in the room.

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