In January of 2022, 80000 Pennies will be worth $800.00. That’s a lot of money! How would you like to have that much cash in your pocket? It’s not too late to start saving, and we want to help you do it! In this article blog post, we will tell you how much 80000 Pennies is worth and how you can start saving now to make sure you have that money in your wallet in 2022!

One way to save money is to put it into a savings account. This will help you earn interest on your money, and you can access it whenever you need it! Here is Another option is to invest your money in stocks or mutual funds.

What are Pennies?

Pennies are a type of currency used in the United States from 1793 to 1857. They were made out of copper, and their value was one cent each. In 1857, the government started making coins out of nickel and copper, so Pennies became less common. Today, Pennies are only used for special occasions or as souvenirs.

You can still find some old Pennies in circulation today, but they’re worth much more than their face value. This means that you’ll have to pay $100 for just one!

The U.S. Mint has also made a limited edition series of these rare coins called “Pennies on Parade,” released in 2002. These coins make of bronze and have a face value of $0.01 each, but they’re worth much more than that!

Pennies on Parade Series:

  • 2002 D Lincoln Memorial Penny
  • 2003 P Jefferson Nickel
  • 2004 D Roosevelt Dime
  • 2005 S San Francisco Old Mint Commemorative Half Dollar
  • 2006 P Return to Monticello Nickel
  • 2007 D George Washington Dollar Coin
  • 2008 S Bald Eagle Commemorative Half Dollar
  • 2009 P Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar
  • 2010 D Lewis and Clark Golden dollar coin
  • 2011 S United States Army Commemorative Quarter Dollar
  • 2012 D Elizabeth Warren Medal of Honor Commemorative Half Dollar
  • 2013 P George Washington Carver National Monument Golden dollar coin
  • 2014 D Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Medal commemorative half dollar
  • 2015 S Ulysses S. Grant Presidential $50 gold coin
  • 2016 P Ronald Reagan 40th President $25 gold coin
  • 2017 S American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin
  • 2018 D American Innovation Dollar
  • 2019 P Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Dollar
  • 2020 S National Playground of American Samoa Quarter dollar coin
  • 2021 D Tuskegee Airmen Commemorative Silver Dollar
  • 2022 P Harriet Tubman $100 gold coin

History of Pennies


Pennies were first minted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 21st, 1793. They were made from copper and had about 0.75 inches or 19 mm. These coins were called “Large Cents” because they weighed more than other types of currency at that time, like Halfpennies and Farthings.

The first design for the Penny was a “Chain Cent,” which depicted 15 links on each side (like a chain) with the words “One Cent” in between them. In 1795, Benjamin Franklin’s bust replaced this image to recognize it more easily when they were shopping or trading goods at markets where Pennies were used.

Pennies continued to be made out of copper until 1857 when the government switched to making coins out of nickel and copper. This caused the value of Pennies to go down, so they became less common. The last batch of Copper Pennies was minted in 1909.

Today, Pennies are only used as souvenirs or for special occasions. You can still find some old Pennies in circulation, but they’re worth much more than their face value. For example, a 1909 Copper Penny is worth about $100!

 The amount Is 80000 Pennies.

I’m not sure exactly how much 80000 Pennies is, but I know that it’s a lot of money. If you add up the face value of all those Pennies, then you’ll get $80, which doesn’t even cover one cent on today’s currency! That means that each Penny would have to cost $100 for you to fill a plastic bag with them. A usual bag of money filled with Pennies weighs about 25 pounds, so it would take over 20 of those bags to get 80000 Pennies!

That means we would need to make some assumptions about weight and size. Let’s say each new Penny is worth $0.99, which makes it worth $0.01 less than its face value, so effectively, you would only need to pay $80 for the bag of Pennies, assuming you don’t count the 0.0001 leftover cents.

Now we can solve for how much 80000 Pennies is with the following equation:

$X = $80

$X/0.99 = 80000

80000*(1/0.99) = ?

$400,000 = X

You would need to purchase 400 ounces of Pennies to get 80000 pennies! If my math is correct, this works out to be about 733 pounds or 336 kg worth of Pennies.

I think it is safe to speak that you would be very, very rich if you had 80000 Pennies in your possession! It might not even be beneficial the hassle because you would need multiple bags to carry them, and I’m not sure how much they’d weigh. Ask someone who works at a bank to find out because they might know.

Conclusion paragraph: We hope this blog post has been informative for you—our aim is to give you the most accurate information possible to make informed decisions about their financial future. We also want to know your thinking on 80000 pennies in Jan of 2022, so please feel free to leave a comment below!

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