During pregnancy and after giving birth, women experience internal and external changes in their bodies. Sometimes, the change is so significant and all you are thinking about is getting that ‘mommy makeover’ to get your ideal body back.  You are sometimes left wondering when is the right time to attempt to get it back.

Health experts prescribe a minimum of six months wait after birth before having any kind of body enhancement procedure(s). Others think a one-year wait is best. It all really depends on the type of procedure you are undergoing.

Read the article below to know how long you can wait to undergo your mommy makeover after pregnancy.

Type of Mommy Makeover after Pregnancy Procedures and Their Timeline

Vagina and Labia surgery

A widened vaginal canal and elongated labia are some of the aftermaths of child-bearing. If you feel that your vaginal canal is not the same after giving birth (looser), considering procedures like vaginoplasty and labiaplasty will be good for you. 

You may feel that the changes in your labia are interfering with your dressing comfortability and your sex life. Getting a mommy makeover procedure addressing those issues will not only improve your sex life but can also improve your self-esteem.

NOTE: This procedure can take place strictly not less than six months after giving birth.

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

Liposuction involves removing accumulated fat via the suction procedure in your body parts such as the abdomen, hips, and arms; using a suction method. The tummy tuck procedure involves removing excess fat and skin while working on weakened muscles around your abdomen.

NOTE: You should wait for at least one year after birth before considering this. A year can go by before your abdomen can absorb the pregnancy effects.

Love handle surgery

If love handles are a new occurrence for you, the best solution is to avoid gaining weight drastically during pregnancy. Liposuction can be performed to remove that excess fat and attain a perfect waist. 

Most mommy makeover procedures require you to not oppress the body for at least six months after giving birth to allow it to recuperate a bit. You may find it hard to wait while you wrap your mind around those love handles around your waist.

To avoid struggling to lose weight after pregnancy, try to maintain your weight during pregnancy by eating healthy foods and not taking it as an opportunity to feed your body with junk food.

NOTE: This can be performed on you a year after giving birth with a minimum of six months after the procedure.

Breast Surgery

Breasts are parts of the body that will not escape change during and after pregnancy. You may notice a significant change in your breasts’ shape, size, and position. For example, if you loved your previous small-sized or medium-sized breasts and you come to notice they have become big-sized, that can make you uncomfortable.

A breast reduction procedure will solve this issue. If you notice your breast nipples positioned ‘south’ rather than ‘north,’ then you should know it is time to get a breast lift surgery procedure.

Whatever change you are considering, a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast enlargement procedure could save the day for you.

NOTE: You can have this procedure can be done on you three to six months after breastfeeding. You can also have that procedure three to six months after giving birth if you are not breastfeeding.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

Combining mommy makeover procedures will be a bit cheap. But before you can think of any procedure, take into account that you have just given birth and you may be looking at an infant. You will be tired and stressed and you need time for yourself. Adding a plastic surgery procedure to your demanding routine might be overwhelming and unhealthy for you.

Any qualified surgeon will prescribe a minimum wait of six months after delivery for most of the mommy makeover procedures.

You do not have to keep staring at the beautiful dresses that can’t fit you anymore after you have given birth. Snap back into your ‘gorgeous’ body! Book an appointment instantly! Get a mommy makeover after pregnancy!

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