While walking back to your car, you notice that your pocket seems lighter. When you slip your hand inside, you find nothing but air. Your car keys have been lost or stolen, and now you need a replacement – fast.

If you need replacement car keys, you probably have questions about how to get the job done. Luckily, there are automotive locksmiths out there who handle these problems every day.

Read on to learn about the process and costs associated with lost car key replacement.

How to Replace Car Keys

Are you wondering how to get a replacement car key without the original? If you’ve lost your keys, it’s still possible to get back on the road.

The first step toward understanding the process of acquiring a car key replacement is figuring out what kind of keys you have. The process and cost of key replacement will depend on what hardware you will be replacing. Some keys can be recut, while others require reprogramming by experts.

Replacing Traditional Car Keys

The easiest and least expensive keys to replace are traditional car keys. You will know you have a traditional key if it both unlocks the door of the vehicle and starts the car. Replacing these keys is a matter of bringing your car to an automotive locksmith, such as Dash Lock & Key.

Once there, a locksmith will use your vehicle’s existing locks to cut a new key. The key will both open the doors and start your car.

Replacing Transponder Keys

A transponder key is a little bit more complicated to replace. This key uses a microchip paired with your specific vehicle. To get back on the road, this chip will need to be reprogrammed, making your old keys obsolete.

You can get a new transponder key programmed at your car’s dealership or by a qualified automotive locksmith. A locksmith is a less expensive option. They will often come to you so that you will not need to call a tow truck.

Replacing Smart Keys

The most complicated and expensive type of key to replace is a smart key. A smart key is more like a tiny computer. It involves lots of complicated technology to unlock and start your car.

If your car has a start button on the dashboard and allows you to start it remotely, it uses a smart key.

Like with the transponder key, your car and keys will require reprogramming. This is most easily accomplished at your car’s dealership.

How Much Does Car Key Replacement Cost?

The cost of the key replacement will vary. Keys are cheaper to replace at an automotive locksmith shop. Your dealership will be more expensive, but will always use licensed and approved products.

The cheapest keys to replace are traditional car keys. You can have a key recut for under $10. A key with a transponder will cost upward of $100.

The most expensive key to replace will be a smart key. Because of the technology involved, it’s almost like replacing a cellphone. Replacing a smart key should not cost more than $400.

Get Back on the Road With Replacement Car Keys

Once you know what kind of replacement car keys you need, you can accomplish the replacement process quickly. While the price of your key will vary, there are ways to keep the price low and affordable. A good locksmith will get you into your car and driving, with or without an original key to copy.

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