TV series is an equivalent source of entertainment other than movies. It saves your time and money that you invest in watching a movie in a cinema hall. You can relax on your sofa and get glued to your favourite Television show.

So today, I am going to tell you about Harrow Season 3, and all about its story plot, casting, release date, a new season, or when it is going to air or not. But before knowing about the sequel or follow up of the series, it is better to understand the basic storyline. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Harrow
Genre: Medical Drama Mystery
Written By: Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath
Created By: Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath
Place Of Origin: Australia
Main Cast: Mirrah Foulkes, Ioan Gruffudd, Remy Ali, Jolene Anderson and others
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 20

Harrow season 3 release date


Harrow is a very popular TV drama series in Australia. The main character of Harrow is played by Ioan Gruffudd. It was initially aired two years back on 9th March comprising many episodes (10).

In the following month, there came a new follow up series of this TV show restarted by Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The premiere of Harrow’s new series happened in the previous year on 12th May. In the same year, another series was restarted by ABC. 

Story Plot

If you haven’t been so familiar with the series, then let me tell you about its storyline so that it may incite your interest in exploring this drama series with great interest. So the story revolves around the central character, Dr. Daniel Harrow. This person is a forensic pathologist by profession and does not give much importance to authority.

However, he is much keen on showing his sympathy for those who have left their lives. He is determined to find the truth behind their death that lets him solve the toughest cases. Dr. Daniel Harrow does not like to be stuck with rules, rather he likes to mold them when in need. And he does this with the motive to help sufferers raise their voice that would help him in knowing the exact reason. But his journey is not so easy, as there is a haunting past secret that hovers around him as well as his loved ones.


After knowing a brief about the central character, Dr. Daniel Harrow, it is better to know the other actors essaying their characters in the show. So there is a character of an investigating crime officer played by Mirrah Foulkes. She also plays the woman, whom the central character loves.

There are many other characters played by more actors like Tony Barry, Darren Gilshenan, and various others. If you haven’t watched the initial episodes of this drama series, then better watch it, and there you will come to know about all the characters and the actors who are playing them. 

Starting From Harrow Season 1

Before flocking on to the new follow-up of the Harrow drama series, first, let me take you to the flashback to its season one. The story starts with a mysterious figure who carries a corpse and flows it into the river at a very odd hour of the night.

After some time, the central character of the series, Dr. Daniel Harrow gets serious about solving the case of a deceased woman who passed away in her home’s bathroom due to a drug that is believed to be the cause of her death. 

The father of the deceased woman thinks her daughter did not die by consuming a heavy dose of drugs but was killed by the man with whom she has been in a relationship.

And then when the case goes to Harrow, he gets the evidence regarding the person who happens to be the manager of a real estate who has played a smart and clever game by cheating the woman in faking her signature. He does this to dump his properties of debt on her side. And when she later discovers the truth, he in a fit of rage murders her and falsely makes it appear as death caused by overtaking drugs.

To get the X-ray of the culprit’s hands, Harrow hurts him. After that, when he discovers the 

dental testing of the tooth of the murdered woman, he came to know that before the killing, her fiancé had forcefully put all the drugs on her mouth. Then, the crime investigator officer, played by Mirrah Foulkes, calls up Harrow to meet her on the river, the point, where the body of the deceased woman is discovered during the initial scene of the first Harrow series.

But to the shock, there is another revelation showing Harrow, the central character to be that mysterious woman who dumped the body in the river. Now to know the remaining mystery, one needs to watch the Harrow season 1 series to know what happens later. Till then, I brief you about what happens in season two of the Harrow series. 

Harrow Season 2 

In the second season of the Harrow series, it is shown that Harrow, the central character of this Australian drama series is attacked by a bullet shot that pierces its gallbladder. Still, he manages to escape further attack. After recovering from the hospital, Harrow returns to his professional commitment by stepping on Bettie, then the name of his boat.

Even though he was advised by detective Nichols (role played by Damien Garvey) not to move outside the hotel, till the time the actual identity of the one who shot him is revealed. But Harrow doesn’t pay any heed to his suggestion. Then he meets with a woman who is not interested in hanging around with bad character people and those who take care of patients as well. After indulging in some intimate moments together on the boat, there comes a shock for Harrow, when he finds out about the new doctor, Grace Molyneux, played by Jolene Anderson.

Harrow Season 3

Now, it is indeed to feel inquisitive to wait for Harrow season 3 including its star cast and release date. Well, there is not much clarity on it. But the actors who have been playing their character roles will continue in the next series. So be patient for the next announcement of the Harrow season 3.

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