Accept it or deny it, but Romantic comedies are our favorite genre to watch. Be it from Hollywood, Bollywood, or a K-drama series, all the light-hearted romance suits all our moods. One such popular rom-com is “Good morning Call”. The story revolves around a teenager named Yoshikawa Nao. 

She gets a flat to shift on but has to share it with the most popular guy in their school. The two decide to keep it a secret and it leads to some extremely funny situations. The popular guy, Uehara Hisashi, faces most situations with a poker face and treats his flatmate impolitely. Fans of the show loved its first two seasons and have been waiting delightedly for the third season.

Show Details:

TV Series: Good morning Call
Genre: Romance


Written by:  Yue Takasuka

Keiko Kanome

Yuna Suzuki

Rieko Obayashi

Yu Kanda

Composer: team K
Running time: September 22, 2017 – present
Producers: Mayuko Okamoto

Akimitsu Sasaki

Directed by: Yo Kawahara

Takashi Fujio

Kenta Noda

Eiki Shimomukai

Original language: Japanese

Good Morning Call Season 3 Release Date

More about the show:

The show is based on a Manga of the same name that was written by Yue Takasuka and published by Shueisha. Its imprints were provided by Ribon Mascot Comics and it featured in the magazine Ribon. Its run time was from September 1997 to April 2002 and it had 11 volumes.

The video animation based on this Manga was produced by studios like Shueisha and NAS. It was released on August 2, 2001, and was 19 minutes long. 

The sequel of this Manga was Good Morning Kiss which was written by Yue Takasuka and was published by Shueisha. It appeared in the magazine named Cookie and was released on May 15, 2007. It had 18 volumes.

The television sitcom based on this Manga was directed by Yo Kawahara, Takashi Fujio, Kenta Noda, and Eiki Shimomukai. It has been written by Keiko Kanome, Yuna Suzuki, Rieko Obayashi, and Yu Kanda. It was produced by Mayuko Okamoto, and Akimitsu Sasaki, and the background score of the show was given by team K. 

The show originally aired on Fuji TV on Demand and the studios involved in its production were Telepack and Fuji Television. The first season of the show aired from February 12, 2016, to June 10, 2016, and had 17 episodes. The second season of the show was released on September 22, 2017, and had 10 episodes. The second season also streamed on Netflix.


The story of the show revolves around a teenage girl named Yoshikawa Nao whose character is played by Fukahara Haruka. She rents her first apartment but soon comes to know that she was scammed as the same apartment was rented to Uera Hisashi (played by Shiraishi Sunya) who is her classmate and the most handsome as well as a popular guy in the school.

 After discovering that they have been scammed, the two are left with no choice but to live together secretly. Yoshikawa starts to develop feelings for Hisashi as soon as they start living together. Nao is a very cheerful young girl who is quite open to others and cares a lot about how others respond to her whereas, Hisashi on the other hand is a popular good looking guy who everyone loves. 

He is quite closed off about things and doesn’t talk about them much and responds to every situation with a straight and blank face. He is a nice guy but due to the weird circumstances he has been put into isn’t able to behave properly with Nao. Another character in the story is a guy named Daichi who’s a long-time friend of our girl Nao and is a very sweet and kind person. He is always there for Nao and even helps her to deal with her feelings for Hisashi.

Star cast:

The character of Nao Yoshikawa has been played by Haruka Fukuhara and the character of Hisashi Uehara has been played by Shunya Shiraishi. The character of Marina Konno has been played by Moe Arai and the character of Yuichi Mitsuishi has been played by Shugo Nagashima. 

The character of Nanako Kusanagip has been played by Hinako Tanaka and the character of Issei Sata has been played by Kentaro Matsuo. The character of Daichi Shinozaki has been played by Dori Sakurada and the character of Takuya Uehara has been played by Kei Tanaka. The character of Yuri Uehara has been played by Erika Mori and the character of Jun Abe has been played by Koya Nagasawa. 


The first season had 17 episodes named Alone at Last, A Kiss to Remember, Rumor Has It, Christmas is Coming, Party of One, Faking Up is Hard to Do, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, He’s Not Sexy, He’s My Brother, A Valentine Surprise, A Change of Scenery, Father Knows Best, Tagging Along, The Getaway, The Getaway, Surprise!, Two is Company and A Modest Proposal. The first season released on February 12, 2016, and its last episode aired on June 10, 2016. 

The second season had 10 episodes named Campus Life Is Full of Temptation, Mission: Get More Girly!!, Love or Friendship?, First Love Never Lasts?, Playing a Tragic Heroine’s Fun!, His Birthday Surprise, For Friendship., Careful When Camping at Night, Can You Fall Out of Love? And Give Me a Good Morning Call Tomorrow. The second season was released on September 22, 2017. 

When Will Good Morning Call Season 3 Be Released?

Both the first and the second season were received very warmly by the audience and were showered with applause from across the globe. The first season was released in 2016, and its last episode aired in June 2016. 6 months after the release of the last episode of the first season, the second season was released. The last episode of the second season was released in 2017.

It has been more than three years since its release and fans of the show are desperately waiting for the release of its third season. There hasn’t been any official word from the makers of the show but if sources are to be believed, the makers could start working on it by the end of 2021 and we could expect the third season in 2022.


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