You’re ready to take your hair salon business to the next level this year—but new clients just aren’t coming through the door. What’s wrong?

Your business may be amazing, but without targeted hair salon marketing, no one will find you. The hair and beauty industry is a competitive one, so you need to help your business stand out and get noticed.

Ready to increase your profits? If so, keep reading to find four hair salon marketing ideas that you should try out.

1. Maximize the Use of Instagram

Hair salons are all about the visuals—beautiful hairstyles and looks. Make sure you’re showing off your best work by making the most of Instagram, a social media platform that’s all about photos and videos.

By using geotags, hashtags, and beautiful photos or videos of your work. For example, why not post some of your best redhead looks, showcasing how gorgeous a natural redhead can look after visiting the salon.

You can also boost your hair salon advertising on Instagram by working with influencers or hosting a contest or giveaway.

2. Start a Monthly Newsletter

Your hair salon marketing plan needs to include a monthly newsletter. Email marketing is essential, as it can increase your leads, generate web traffic, and it lets you communicate directly with your customers.

Any special offers coming up at the salon should be communicated to email subscribers in advance, encouraging them to book so they don’t miss out.

3. Offer Online Booking

Many people just don’t like phone calls. If your salon can offer an online booking platform, it’s sure to increase your business.

Online booking lets clients quickly and easily book from their phone or computer, without having to take the time to make a phone call.

While it’s an investment in your business, it’s sure to pay off over time. It can also save your staff time, especially if you pair it with an automated texting system for confirming appointments.

4. Treat Your Facebook Page Like a Second Website

Use your salon’s Facebook page to its full potential! It helps to think of it as a second website, scheduling content, posting your best content, and engaging with followers.

Facebook is also an extremely powerful marketing tool, since you can use it to run advertising campaigns. Facebooks ads are great since you can set your own budget and target your ads to a specific demographic.

Improve Your Hair Salon Marketing Today

If you’re looking to fill more salon seats this year, these hair salon marketing tips are sure to help.

Use them to develop a hair salon marketing plan for your business, outlining your goals for the year and what you’ll do to promote and market your business to help turn those goals into reality. With a savvy, focused marketing plan, you’re sure to see new clients coming into your fantastic salon!

Was this helpful? If so, please keep reading for more business and marketing ideas.

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