Online gaming is a blast and continues to grow in popularity with most gamers spending about seven hours or more a week playing. If you’re spending an hour a day playing, investing in a gaming room setup is a good idea.

What do you need for the perfect setup? Take a look at this brief guide for what you’ll need for the best video game room setup.

Gaming Desk

If you’re already gaming, then you have a good computer and the best mouse for CS:GO. You need a good desk for your monitor (or monitors!).

Although any big desk works, if you’re serious, look into desks built for gaming. A gaming desk accommodates your monitors, keyboard, and mouse without forcing you into an uncomfortable arrangement.

A small but important accessory in a good gaming desk is a separate compartment for your drink. This reduces your chances of spilling on your expensive gaming accessories.

A Comfortable Chair

Back pain is an issue for serious gamers if they’re not sitting in a decent chair. You don’t want something fun turning into something painful because you’re sitting in a chair not suited for gaming.

A good gaming chair is adjustable in the reclining angle and height. Some gaming chairs come with adjustable armrests, massage settings, and built-in speakers.

You don’t have to go high-end but do invest in something adjustable and comfortable. If you don’t spend a little extra on a comfortable chair, you may end up spending a lot at the doctor’s office for your back!

Blue-Light Filter Glasses

Computer use causes eye fatigue and eye strain because computer monitors emit blue light. You also may have incomplete blinking while looking at the computer screen. This can also lead to eye strain.

Hours on the computer can also cause insomnia because artificial light suppresses melatonin. This is especially true if you’re gaming at night before you go to bed.

Invest in a good pair of blue-light filtering glasses. Some high-end gaming glasses claim to eliminate eye strain, block blue light, and prevent dry eyes.

Cable Accessories

It seems like a small thing but organizing your cables is crucial. There’s nothing worse than tripping over a cable and watching expensive accessories, or even your computer, tumble to the ground!

The other plus? A cable organizer keeps everything looking tidy.

A Good Fan

Are you running a couple of monitors or more than one setup? You need good air circulation around your equipment.

A good fan that blows cold air keeps the room cooler and prevents your equipment from overheating. Even if you have AC in the room, an extra fan strategically placed behind your computers keeps things cool.

The Perfect Gaming Room Setup

If you’re spending time gaming, invest in the perfect gaming room setup. A great setup helps reduce back pain and eye strain while giving you hours of enjoyment.

A good game room setup also prolongs the life of your computer equipment by keeping it cool, avoiding drink spills, and computer falls from stray cables. Now that you’re all set check out this about the beginnings of video games.

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