As an adult you can surely relate to the excitement of purchasing something new for your home. Whether it is a furniture piece, a new appliance, or even something as small as a table runner, we feel proud of our purchases.

Most of the time we do not think about technology when making any home improvements or when we’re out shopping. But many gadgets have been developed  that could really add more comfort to your home.

We picked out 3 tech gadgets that you can begin with if you’re new to this – it’s always wiser to test something that doesn’t cost you a significant proportion of your monthly budget.

1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

The internet is basically a utility in our homes now, just like water and electricity because there isn’t anything you can think of now that can’t be done with the help of the Internet.

Now we could be exaggerating here a little but think about it, you can almost everything through the internet, whether it is grocery shopping, paying bills, conducting business, or college work, you get the picture.

For everything to work smoothly, meaning the internet connectivity to begin with, it’s always a good idea to invest in a good router for your home. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router is the ideal device for your home. Pair it with the Nest Point and you got yourself something even cooler.

Cover your entire home, and backyard too if there is one, with strong, consistent Wi-Fi signals with Nest Wi-Fi Router. It alone blankets an area of 2200 square feet, but if paired with the Nest Point, the two can provide coverage to a total area of 3800 square feet. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming and connect up to 200 devices without any disruptions in Wi-Fi connectivity.

These devices automatically update their software so you can keep up with the latest features and provide security to your network. Nest Point comes with one great advantage – it is a speaker as well as a Voice Assistant built with the Google Assistant. So just call out “Hey Google, what’s a great recipe for Pesto pasta?”, and let Google Assistant quite literally assist you in cooking your meal.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router, if purchased separately or even with the Nest Point is a great addition to any home, especially when you need seamless internet connectivity with a ton of Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home.

2. Voice Assistants

A voice assistant is truly a blessing for this world, especially with how hectic our routines have become over time. It is a small, innocent device that can pretty much run your entire home for you.

Some of the commonly known home Voice Assistants are Amazon Echo (famously known as Amazon Alexa), Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub. These voice assistants come with common features, one of which is that they can sync several Wi-Fi enabled devices around your house, like the Smart TV, Thermostat, Smart lights, security cameras –so you can control them via voice commands.

Other features include serving as your personal virtual assistant that can do tasks like setting reminders for you as well as schedule things on your home devices, like timers for Smart lights; voice assistants can even provide information in real time so you don’t even have to pick up your phone to check the weather, traffic or Google something.

How amazing would it be to have one device that can make life easier without you having to lift a finger? These are ideal for those who have devices that can be compatible with Voice Assistants.

3. Samsung SmartThings Cam

Trying to keep an eye on your home while you’re at work? Are you on the lookout for a security camera system for your home? Then Samsung SmartThings Cam is the answer to your prayers!

Retailing at $89.99, this webcam lookalike Smart Camera can fit anywhere around the house.  To set it up, all you need to do is to plug it in, connect it to the home Wi-Fi, and set it up through SmartThings App. It’s that simple.

SmartThings Cam has live video streaming in 1080 HD, including night vision and a two-way audio system. Isn’t that cool? You can converse from both ends of the camera and watch live feed straight from your smartphone or tablet. That means whether you’re home or half-way across the city, watch your security footage anytime, anywhere.

These cameras also feature motion sensors that send out alerts to your phone if any movement is detected within the cameras visual. What’s even better is that all data is backed up onto a Cloud, so you can easily access your security footage history.

Time to Upgrade your home

Now if you’re ever searching or thinking of what to add to your home next, maybe consider one of these amazing tech gadgets, and watch how convenient they are in their own way. You can find these on First Energy website, along with more Smart Home gadgets that may just catch your attention.

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