Luxury apartments are all about creating a luxurious atmosphere. The first thing you need to do is find or create floor plans that reflect this luxury.

You will need a unique design and layout to ensure that your apartment stands out from the other ones in the building. Here are some ideas for designing your apartment floor plan:

Ashton Ranch Floor

In this floor plan, you’ll find a private master retreat and dual vanities in the bathroom. You will get more than enough storage space, including a walk-in closet for your clothes. The plan is spacious and ideal for a family of four.

The Birch Floor

This luxury apartment floor plan is perfect for tenants who are working from home or those who have business partners that visit their homes often.

You can choose to put your main office in the front part of your living room. The back area features a cozy lounge and a bar where you can entertain friends and colleagues after work.

Upper East Side Apartment Floor Plan

This plan features two bedrooms, including one master retreat at the front of the unit with its own private bathroom. There’s also a large kitchen as well as a washer/dryer room, making this apartment perfect for those who enjoy cooking or hosting parties at their own homes.

The living room is split into two areas, one of which can be used as a guest bedroom if you have family members that are often visiting.

The Verona Floor

The Charlie Orange County has a lot of apartments to choose from, and one of them is the Verona Floor. Here you’ll find everything you need for accommodating guests in your home, including an entertainment area with a bar and enough seating for eight people.

There’s also a private master retreat with access to the outdoor patio, as well as dual vanities in the bathroom. This luxury floor plan is perfect for those who love hosting parties in their own homes.

The St Clair Floor Plan

This floor plan has three bedrooms, including one master bedroom at the front of the unit. There is a private bathroom and balcony access in the master bedroom. The other two rooms are placed at the backside of the unit, giving tenants more privacy.

The Covington Floor Plan

If you need lots of storage space in your new apartment, then this floor plan is perfect for you.

You get plenty of cupboards and shelves in the kitchen, as well as walk-in closets and several vanities throughout the home. This floor plan includes a cozy den along with a fireplace at the backside of the unit. You can use this place to relax and read a good book while enjoying complete privacy.

Grigsby House Floor

This is a large floor plan that looks elegant and simple at the same time. By adding your own personal touches to it, you can make it unique. The floor plan is perfect for those who love living in luxury while giving their guests lots of space to relax and enjoy themselves.

Cape Chalet Floor

This luxury floor plan is rustic and elegant at the same time. The kitchen comes with everything you need to cook, including a butler’s pantry, lots of cabinets and counter space, as well as top appliances perfect for your needs.

There are three bedrooms in this plan, including one master retreat with its own private bathroom. There’s also an upstairs office that can double as a fourth bedroom if necessary.

The Sumner Partial Floor Plan

If you like having lots of natural light indoors, then this is the apartment design for you. It comes with glass doors and large windows that allow golden sunlight to come inside while creating a modern décor everyone will love. You get plenty of storage space and cupboards throughout the unit, including a walk-in spare room.

The Kingsley Floor Plan

This luxurious apartment plan features three bedrooms, including a master retreat with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet.

Two bedrooms are located at the unit’s either end for extra privacy, but there’s also a friendly sitting area placed between them for chats and movie nights. This floor plan is perfect for families or small groups of friends who want more space.

The Madison House Floor Plan

This floor plan has two floors, including four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is a big dining room that can be split into two separate areas according to your needs.

This is perfect for a group of friends who come over often or large families. An apartment like this one will definitely make you the star of the building.

There are different styles and designs when it comes to luxury apartment floor plans. Make sure you take the time to create something unique and personal, so your new home stands out from others around it. Thus, you’ll be able to feel at ease knowing that your new home is a reflection of your personality.

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