Towels are among the essential items that people need. They play the critical role of maintaining personal hygiene as people use them to dry their hands, bodies, and faces. Although there are numerous brands to pick from, shopping for a towel isn’t necessarily easy.

Most people find it challenging to get a towel that suits their personal needs, particularly when they’re picking one from many stacks. Shopping for a towel becomes easier when you know which towel to buy.

Japanese cotton towels are among the best picks for anyone looking for something that feels good on the skin. These towels have gained popularity in most parts of the world since they first entered the market years back due to their exceptional features. Although many people opt to buy them for their high absorbent properties, Japanese cotton towels offer more to those who use them.

Whether you’re shopping for your towel or for other purposes like hotel use, here are five reasons to invest in Japanese cotton towels:

Invest In Japanese Cotton Towels

Absorption Ability

The main reason why you need to invest in Japanese cotton towels is their ability to absorb water. Most cotton towels are good at absorbing water. However, this feature is amplified much more in Japanese cotton towels as their extended sizes allow for better body coverage and absorption of water.

Japanese cotton towels’ ability to absorb water is enhanced by density. Their fibers are closely knit, a feature that makes them highly effective at absorbing. Further, these towels come with thick cottony layers that enhance their absorbing capacity, making them five times better than ordinary cotton towels.

Exclusive Weaving

The soft texture characteristic of Japanese towels emanates from an exclusive weaving process the towels are subjected. The Japanese use a traditional weaving process that involves the use of low-speed weaving machines.

The towels are processed rigorously before being soaked in natural ingredients and chemicals to give them exceptional softness. For colored Japanese towels, the coloring process is much more involving than what ordinary towels are subjected to, causing their color to last much longer.

Towel Strength

Many towels are considered strong, but few can match the Japanese cotton towels. Generally, these towels have a huge thread count that makes them extremely strong and highly absorbent. Traditionally, Japanese towels have had lower grams per square meter.

However, this has changed over time. Modern-day towels now have about 600 grams per square meter more compared to conventional ones. This difference in thread count makes Japanese cotton towels more durable and less difficult to rip.

Towel Softness

Most people consider the softness of a towel when they go shopping for one. However, few associate thread count with the softness, durability, and absorbency of a towel.

The reality is that the thread count of a towel impacts how soft it’d feel on the skin. The high thread count in Japanese cotton towels makes them much more soothing than regular towels. This makes them an ideal pick for anyone with sensitive skin or for people who desire to use a towel with a pleasing texture.

Variety In Size

Japanese towels come in different sizes. Whether you’re looking for a hand towel, a bath towel, or a washcloth, you’re assured of getting a piece that suits your needs. Washcloth size is the smallest. You can get one for washing the face or hands and drying them up.

The typical Japanese face towel is more extensive than ordinary face towels. Hand towels are also available. These are ideal for kitchen use as they’re longer and typically larger than average face towels.

For bathroom use, consider getting a bath towel that’s slightly larger than the conventional towel. This is big enough to cover the whole body. There’s also the compact bath towel that you can pair with your robe.

Bottom Line

Towels play an essential role in keeping people clean by drying their faces, hands, and body. Shopping for a towel can be an uphill task, particularly when you want something unique and reliable. Although there are many kinds of towels in the market, their quality varies. If you’re shopping for a towel, the best type to buy is the Japanese cotton towel.

Crafted using Japan’s traditional slow-weaving machines, these towels have been rated highly across the globe over the years. These ratings are primarily due to their quality and exceptional features that guarantee users longevity, strength, and softness. Japanese cotton towels come in different sizes and colors, from kitchen towels to bath towels and wash clothes, giving you many options.

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