Finding ways to complement your eyes with your fashion choice can be difficult. If you’re looking to add more pizzazz to your makeup, we’ve got the tips for you.

Let’s go through how to highlight your makeup and fashion for all different eye shapes.

Know Your Eye Shape

First, you’ll need to know what your eye shape is. That way, you’ll know what will compliment your appearance. Here are some of the different eye shapes that people have:

  • Round eyes
  • Hooded eyes
  • Almond-shapes eyes
  • Monolid eyes
  • Downturned eyes
  • Upturned eyes
  • Close-set eyes

Once you know what your eye shape is, you’ll be better able to figure out what works for you. For example, if you have larger eyes and smaller eyelids, you probably won’t want to overload your face with eyeshadow.

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Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Eyeshape

You’ll need to figure out exactly what sorts of makeup work for your eye shape. However, there are some rules of thumb that you can follow.

If you have a downturned eye shape, you can use eyeliner on the outer bit (otherwise known as the waterline) of your eye in order to help yourself look more awake. Just make sure you’re careful about where exactly you’re putting that eyeliner so that you don’t cause medical problems for yourself.

If your eyes are closer together, try out winged eyeliner to balance out the shape of your eye. If you have hooded eyes, you’ll want to make sure that your eye makeup is properly blended because parts of your makeup will be hidden when your eyes are open.

For people with almond-shaped eyes, you should stick with eye makeup on your upper eyelids. that way, the shape of your eyes will be complemented rather than detracted from.

If you have smaller eyes, regardless of the shape, you’ll want to try curling your eyelashes. You can also experiment with eyelash boosting mascara to make your eyes look bigger.

Accessories For Your Eye Shape

There are plenty of accessories for your face that can complement your eye shape. Glasses are a very important (and functional) accessory to consider. What eyeglasses you wear will depend on your eye shape. When buying glasses, you’ll also want to consider your face shape. You can consult with your optometrist to find out what will work best with your face.

Earrings can also help compliment your eyes. They’ll draw attention to your face. If you’re proud of the way your eyes look, don’t be afraid to try out some statement earrings so other people can appreciate your look.

Makeup and Fashion for All Different Eye Shapes Can Help You Stand Out

Hopefully, these tips have helped you figure out how to jazz up your look, regardless of which of the eye shapes you have.

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