Who is Emeril John Lagasse IV?

Emeril John Lagasse IV is the son of Emeril John Lagasse III and Alden Lovelace. He was born in March 2003. Emeril’s exact date of birth is not known.

As of today, Emeril is still 19 years old. However, he prefers to keep his life private. Because of this, there’s nothing much to learn about him.

However, we do know that Emeril John Lagasse IV is following in the footsteps of his father. At a young age, Emeril is already passionate about cooking, just like his father.

According to reports, Emeril is now getting culinary training at Johnson and Wales University, the alma mater of his father.

According to his father, Emeril is extremely interested in cooking. Even though his father explained the struggles of being a chef, Emeril still wants to become one.

The two share a close bond and frequently take the time to indulge in activities. This includes cooking together.

Who is Emeril John Lagasse IV’s Father?

Emeril John’s father is Emeril John Lagasse III, commonly known as Emeril Lagasse. He’s an American cookbook author, TV personality, restaurateur, celebrity chef, and National Best Recipe award winner.

Emeril was born in Massachusetts on October 15, 1959. As a teen, Emeril worked as a baker in a Portuguese bakery. This is where he discovered his passion and talent for cooking.

After finding out that he loves to cook, Emeril enrolled in a culinary arts program at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School.

Aside from cooking, Emeril is also a talented percussionist. Because of this, he earned a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music.

Unfortunately, he instead chose to go to Johnson and Wales University to pursue his career in cooking. In 1978, Emeril attended Johnson and Wales. After several years, the school awarded him an honorary doctorate.

While working at the Venus De Milo Restaurant, Emeril met Elizabeth Kief, his first wife. Emeril was working at this restaurant to pay his way through school.

The two got married. They also have two kids named Jessica Lagasse and Jillian Lagasse. However, they got divorced.

After their divorce, Emeril married his second wife, Tari Hohn. Tari was a fashion designer. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce. Tari and Emeril didn’t have kids.

On May 13, 2000, Emeril got married for the 3rd time to Alden Lovelace, a real estate broker. Emeril and Alden have two kids named Emeril John Lagasse IV and Meril Lovelace Lagasse.

Who is Emeril John Lagasse’s Mother?

Emeril John’s mother is Alden Lovelace. Alden is the co-founder of Cajun Caviar. It’s a brand that focuses on supplying seafood to clients.

Aside from that, Alden also worked as a real estate agent in the previous years. Together with his husband, they founded a nonprofit organization called the “Emeril Lagasse Foundation” in 2002.

The purpose of this organization is to help kids and youth to reach their potential.

Alden is quite active on social media platforms. She regularly posts photos for her fans.

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