Choosing a new perfume is not easy, especially when shopping online. However, searching for an online perfume based on the type of fragrance you want can help narrow your selection. Here are eight of the most popular types of perfume fragrances.

  1. Floral Fragrances

Floral fragrances are traditionally the best-selling category of perfumes. Floral fragrances also offer the largest variety of aromas, including subtle and strong floral scents.

A floral fragrance often has notes that match the flower that the perfume is derived from. Some of the most popular choices for floral fragrances include gardenia, rose, magnolia, lavender, jasmine, and lily.

Many people also associate floral scents with femininity and romance. The notes are often sweet and pair well with other fragrances, including woody or citrus fragrances.

  1. Woody Fragrances

Woody fragrances are among the most popular when it comes to online perfume purchases from suppliers like Fragrance Canada. Many woody perfumes offer earthy aromas that blend with natural surroundings well, which makes them more discreet compared to strong citrus or fruity scents.

A woody fragrance incorporates scents from nature. It may include notes based on the scent of oak moss, pine, cedar, and other various herbs. Sandalwood and patchouli are also common scents for woody perfumes. Woody fragrances are especially popular during the fall and winter when the temperatures grow colder and people long for the outdoors.

  1. Citrus Fragrances

Citrus fragrances are derived from citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, tangerines, and mandarins. A citrus-based perfume may have a tangy aroma. People also describe these perfumes as zesty and refreshing, which makes them a popular choice for the daytime.

Citrus fragrances are also commonly used during the warmer months. The light, refreshing scent of a citrus perfume may help you feel more invigorated when spending the day in the sun.

Citrus scents pair well with many other scents, including vanilla and musk. Vanilla adds a creamier aroma, while musk can add a little spice to the fragrance.

  1. Fruity Fragrances

Most people find fruity fragrances pleasant to smell. These fragrances tend to have a combination of fruity and spicy notes that can stand out in a variety of settings. Common fruity notes include mango, apple, peach, and berry.

As with citrus fragrances, fruity fragrances are often worn during the warmer parts of the year. These notes are bright and vibrant, making them perfect for summer days. Fruity fragrances also layer well with vanilla, musk, and woody scents.

  1. Spicy Fragrances

Spicy fragrances include the aromas of popular spices. A spicy fragrance may smell like ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom, and other types of common kitchen spices.

Spicy fragrances tend to make people feel warm and cozy. You may want to use spicy fragrances in the fall or winter months when you want a little more warmth.

If you plan to layer a spicy fragrance with other scents, apply the heavier spicy perfume first and follow up with a lighter fragrance, such as a floral or woody fragrance.

  1. Oceanic Fragrances

Oceanic and aquatic fragrances include notes that remind you of the ocean. These perfumes may contain notes of sea salt, sea air, and even algae. An oceanic fragrance is often refreshing and may remind people of clean linens or standing near the ocean.

Oceanic fragrances are popular during the spring and summer. These perfumes pair well with stronger fragrances. The fresh, oceanic scents can help bring out the sweetness in stronger scents such as citrus and fruity scents.

  1. Oriental Fragrances

Oriental fragrances traditionally include a mixture of musky and earthy notes. You may find oriental perfumes with musk or amber as the base scents. These fragrances may also contain vanilla, jasmine, orange blossom, orchid, and other luxurious scents.

Oriental perfumes are common during the colder months. As with spicy fragrances, oriental fragrances are often warm and inviting. These scents are also frequently used in the evening. You can layer oriental perfumes with many other fragrances, including citrus.

  1. Gourmand Fragrances

Gourmand fragrances do not appeal to everyone due to their distinct notes. Most of these types of perfumes include scents that remind you of baked goods and candies. Common notes for gourmand fragrances include caramel, vanilla, and chocolate.

Floral, citrus, and fruity scents are good choices for layering gourmand with other fragrances. These scents blend well with the sweetness of gourmand fragrances.

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