Tires tend to get the cold shoulder when it comes to vehicle maintenance. If it hasn’t blown out on the freeway, then it’s probably fine, right? However, tire replacement is just as important as any other kind of maintenance your vehicle receives.

There are some myths going around in the automotive industry about tire replacement, though. A first-time car buyer needs to know what to believe and what not to believe.

Here are some common myths you can safely ignore.

1. New Tires Should Go Up Front

A key part of vehicle ownership is getting new tires, but they can be pricey. Some people try to cut costs by only replacing two tires at a time. However, that can prove a dangerous habit.

Your tires all work at the same time and wear out at the same rate. If you only get new ones in the front of your vehicle, it could result in oversteering if it hydroplanes.

2. A Spare Tire Is as Good as a Regular Tire

Spare tires are there for emergency purposes. If one of your tires blows out or goes flat on the road, you pop on the spare until you can get a replacement.

Those spares are smaller and have less traction than your regular tires. They’re also more prone to punctures. At best, a spare will last you for up to an hour and a half of use, so don’t expect too much out of them.

3. All-Season Tires Are Good All Year Long

An all-season tire is a good option for year-round use. They’re meant to perform in a variety of different weather conditions. However, they won’t work as well as certain types of tires made for specific weather conditions.

Winter tires are the best tires for dealing with slush, ice, and snow. They provide the traction you need when driving in colder weather.

4. Tires are Covered in Your Warranty

Your vehicle’s warranty covers a lot of problems such as repairing any factory defects. It usually does not include tires due to the type of use they go through. Tire manufacturers don’t cover damages related to the use of tires, which include wear and tear.

5. You Can Replace Two Tires at a Time

It may seem logical to replace two tires at a time to save money. Replace the worst ones now and the others later on. However, this can lead to issues with tread consistency and alignment.

You can find affordable tires that’ll last you a long time at various online outlets, such as Ozzytyres.com.au.

Tire Replacement Facts

Tires are one of the most easily overlooked parts of your vehicle. However, it’s important to ignore the various myths about tire replacement and listen to the experts. Align your tires, don’t over-rely on a spare, and keep some extra snow tires for when winter comes around.

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