Since the invention of television, we have been watching comedy shows and being entertained by these comedic programs. When you need something to make your heart sing and your cheeks hurt from smiling, this is the reason why nothing beats a great comedy TV show. Comedy is one of the best genres in the entertainment field that is liked by almost everyone. 

As audiences’ tastes change, slapstick and filthy jokes have given way to situational and cerebral comedy. Charlie Chaplin’s and I Love Lucy’s simple humor used to be enough to make you laugh out loud. Millennials, on the other hand, have a more refined sensibility. New sitcoms cater to an audience that is more self-aware and socially sensitive.

When was the last time you laughed heartily? Perhaps you were watching a movie or socializing with your buddies. In either case, you were most likely watching comedy, which is a literary genre in which characters and circumstances are depicted in a hilarious or familiar manner. There are hundreds of comedy shows made in different languages and instead of the language difference, people watch them and enjoy it with their family and friends. Crunch Time is also one of the best comedy shows that are following the league of comedy genres in the series. It is a great show made as an American series. 

Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson created the American science fiction comedy-drama series Crunch Time. On September 11, 2016, it debuted on Rooster Teeth’s website. The show revolves around a group of students who have created a mechanism that allows them to enter people’s dreams. They’ve created a black hole in their laboratory, forcing them to explain their conduct to the authorities. The series was released on television in the United States on the channel El Rey Network on January 8, 2019. Since the release of Crunch Time Season 1, people are excited for the second season of this series. Let’s check out the release date and other updates about Crunch Time Season 2.

Show Details 

TV Series: Crunch Time
Genre: Science Fiction



Directed by: Andrew Disney

Bradley Jackson

Starring: Avery Monsen

Jessy Hodges

Nicholas Rutherford

Samm Levine

Kirk C. Johnson

Brent Morin

Michael Hyatt 

Place: United States
Distributor: Rooster Teeth
Original release: September 11 – October 16, 2016
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 6

Crunch Time Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

Crunch Time begins when four graduate students unintentionally create a black hole that threatens to destroy the entire earth. This bright group of jackasses generates a small, but potentially earth-shattering black hole after irresponsibly handling cutting-edge technology in their school lab, attracting the attention of government operatives. Because the “want-to-be” scientists can’t identify exactly where their experiment went wrong, they must collaborate with the secret government agency dispatched to rescue the day by describing EVERY unlawful act they’ve committed in the lab thus far.

The show revolves around a group of students who have created a mechanism that allows them to enter people’s dreams. They’ve inadvertently created a black hole in their lab, forcing them to explain their conduct to the authorities. Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks and Inglorious Basterds fame, as well as Nick Rutherford of Good Neighbor, feature in the show. Jessy Hodges and Kirk C. Johnson, who starred in Rooster Teeth’s debut feature film, Lazer Team, are also in it. Comedian Brent Morin and True Detective’s Michael Hyatt play agents Hobbs and Mullins, respectively, in support of the main cast. “Rooster Teeth’s Inception” is the title of the series. The show has got a quite interesting plot that involves a mixture of science fiction with a twist of comedy. People showed a great response to the show and really liked the concept behind Crunch Time Series.

Is ‘Crunch Time Season 2’ really happening?

Crunch Time season 2 was hoped for by fans, however, the show’s fate after the first season was never confirmed. Rooster Teeth did not cancel or renew it, but as time passed, it looked increasingly improbable that it would be renewed. Star Avery Morsen almost confirmed this in a since-deleted tweet that can still be found on Reddit, where he spotted some of the shoes he wore on the show. In response to a fan question concerning Crunch Time season 2, he indicated that, while it had been written, it would most likely “never” be produced. There was a cliffhanger at the end of the first season. Everyone is expecting a second season of Crunch Time to address the cliffhanger that the first season left us with. Hence, it is expected that the creators of this series might make another season, and fans of Crunch time can watch the follow-up season. Let’s wait for the official announcement for the same.

Rooster Teeth Held A Crunch Time Season 2 Table Read For Charity

On their website in May 2020, Rooster Teeth hosted a special cast table read for episode 1 of Crunch Time season 2. This was done to raise money for the charity GiveDirectly, and the original cast was reassembled. Despite the table read, there don’t appear to be any plans for Crunch Time season 2, and it’s possible that this is merely due to the passage of time since the first season. The entire ensemble appears to be returning for Season 2. Rooster Teeth has been silent regarding the show for whatever reason, whether it is due to production costs or low ratings. We’ll keep this article updated as we learn more about the show.

Release Date: Crunch Time Season 2 

All the fans of the show who have watched the Crunch Time series in the first season are eagerly waiting for the next season to come up soon. However, it has not been announced yet. Crunch Time has yet to be officially renewed for season 2 by Rooster Teeth. There is no set date for the new season’s release. This does not necessarily imply that the show has been canceled. Let’s wait for the final and official announcement for Crunch Time Season 2 by the makers.

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