Chapele Wray is the youngest son of Cheryl James and Gavin Wray, born in 1999. Corin, Chapele’s elder sister, was born in 1991.

Chapele Wray’s Mother

Cheryl James, Chapele’s mother, is a rapper. Cheryl, also known as Salt, was born in NY city on March 28, 1966.

How Old Is Chapele’s Mother?

Chapele’s mother, Cheryl James, is 56 years old.

Where did Chapele Wray’s Mother Grow Up?

Chapele’s mother grew up in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

Who are Chapele Wray’s Grandparents?

Chapele is the grandson of a transit worker and a bank manager, Barbara James.

Where did Chapele Wray’s Mother Do Her schooling from?

Cheryl James graduated from Grover Cleveland High School in 1983. She graduated from high school and pursued nursing at Queensborough Community College.

What Is Chapele Mother’s Zodiac Sign?

Chapele’s mother, Cheryl James, zodiac sign is Aries.

What is Chapele Wray’s Mother Biggest Achievement?

Cheryl James was notable for becoming the first female rapper to win a Grammy.

Who Is Chapele Wray’s Father?

Gavin Wray is Chapele’s father, and he is the owner of Gavfam Music Inc. and a music producer.

Where Does Chapele’s Father Live?

Gavin Wray resides in Melville, New York, USA.

When Did Chapele Wray’s Parents Marry?

Cheryl James and Gavin Wray, Chapele’s parents, married on Christmas Eve, 2000.

How Many Siblings Does Chapele Wray Have? 

Chapele Wray has one sibling named Corin

Why did Chapele’s Parents Divorce?

Cheryl James dated her group manager Hurby Azor before marrying Chaple’s father. On Christmas Eve 2000, James married Gavin Wray. After 28 years together, the rapper divorced music producer Gavin Wray, and she divorced him after a four-year battle. Chapele’s parents dated for ten years before marrying in 2000. In 2018, their divorce was finalized.

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