Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful experience. While you are recovering from your injuries, you may have to face additional challenges of dealing with the complex procedures set by your insurance provider.

This makes it imperative to hire a car accident lawyer who can provide you with the necessary guidance and support needed in dealing with the insurance companies.

Your Insurance Provider May Not Have Your Best Interests at Heart

While it may appear to accident victims that their insurance company is there to support them through their troubles, the insurance companies, in fact, are least concerned about the welfare of the victim. Any information that you provide your insurance company following your crash could be used against you to reduce your claim compensation.

The insurance providers may request the claimant to submit their medical records when filing a claim. However, it is recommended not to share any documents with the insurance company without speaking to an expert car accident lawyer.

How Do Insurance Companies Use Medical Records?

In most cases, insurance companies use medical records to demonstrate that the victim had pre-existing medical conditions or question the evaluations and treatment to minimize their responsibility for fulfilling the policy’s terms. Medical practitioners’ records and the treatment plan for recovery are reliable sources to prove the accident injuries. Insurance companies may hire their own doctors to provide alternative interpretations of your medical records geared toward reducing your compensation amount.

If the victim provides authorization to the insurance company to access their private medical records, insurance providers could apply notorious tactics like using medical information unrelated to the claimant’s accident to deem the injuries minor. They may also use the medical records to determine if the victim is eligible to correctly pursue a claim or lawsuit in an attempt to completely avoid giving the compensation.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Victims must understand that medical records have to be used and handled in a specific manner to be considered valid for legal proceedings. Medical records provided to the insurance company directly by the victim indicate that the claimant does not have legal representation.

The insurance provider could use this knowledge to pressurize the victim to accept a smaller settlement amount or outright deny the claims. This makes it crucial to hire a lawyer who can represent you and deal with the insurance companies to ensure your legal rights are protected. The lawyers at Ellis Injury Law specialize in exactly this issue and have some additional information on their website for anyone seeking legal expertise.

How Can A Good Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Medical records are one of the most powerful pieces of evidence that victims can use to claim compensation against the at-fault driver for their injuries and suffering. Insurance companies will pull in all possible strings and use different forms of invasive methods such as asking for your medical records to reduce their own liability after an accident.

This makes it necessary to trust your medical records management in the capable hands of an experienced car accident attorney. A skilled lawyer will represent you, negotiate settlements on your behalf, and work relentlessly to ensure you receive the restitution that you rightfully deserve.

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