Riding higher in your 2021 Jeep Gladiator is easy if you have a lift kit, or aftermarket equipment that raises your Jeep’s body higher than its wheel axle usually allows. Learn about the different kinds so that you can find the Jeep lift kit that works best for your budget, experience and vehicle.

Knowing the Different Types of Lift Kits

There are three main categories of lift kits. The cheapest and oldest is the body lift kit, which increases the distance between your Jeep’s body and wheels. This method is not effective for off-roading, and sometimes it means installing extra hardware to protect your vehicle.

If you purchase a front leveling kit with your Jeep TJ aftermarket parts, you purchase a kit that only moves the front of your Jeep. Front leveling kits are usually cheaper than other options, but it’s hard to do more than add bigger tires with them.

When you purchase a suspension lift kit, you invest in aftermarket equipment that takes the place of your suspension. Lifting both the back and front of your Jeep, these kits also replace your shock absorbers and allow for bigger height changes.

In addition to these main divisions, lift kits vary by their size. If you only want to raise your Jeep’s body one foot off the ground, you need different equipment than if you want to cruise with five extra feet of height. Generally, lift kits become more expensive as they add more height, so don’t forget about your budget as you shop.

Top Brands Producing Lift Kits

Some of the top brands manufacture lift kits:

  • Body Armor
  • AEV
  • Alloy USA
  • EVO Manufacturing
  • Fishbone Offroad
  • Daystar

These manufacturers are considered aftermarket because they’re third-party companies, not Jeep-owned suppliers. The label “aftermarket” has nothing to do with the quality of the lift kit you receive.

 Best Aftermarket Parts to Compliment Your Lift Kit

Now that you know the different types of lift kits, invest in some extra aftermarket parts to get the most out of your new lift kit. Many lift-kit owners like to purchase larger tires. After all, now that you’ve raised your Jeep’s body, you need new tires to make the most of your height. Look for aftermarket manufacturers that offer customization options such as different colors.

Depending on your vehicle’s current size and the extent of your extension, you may need new brakes. Talk to a mechanic or another expert to figure out whether your current brake setup is still safe.

Control arms are another key set of aftermarket parts for your lift kit. These parts connect your wheels to the rest of your car. If you’ve purchased especially large wheels, the control arms that come with your lift kit or original vehicle probably do not fit.

As you search for the right lift accessories, make sure you’re searching for the correct model. 2021 Jeep Gladiator aftermarket accessories won’t necessarily work with older models such as the CJ5 or the Comanche.

To take your 2021 Jeep Gladiator’s style and height to the next level, talk to an expert about a lift kit today.

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