If you are planning to travel to Colombia, it is time to get informed before your trip. In this destination, you can enjoy the beautiful coasts of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This territory frames the imposing beauty of the Andes, the Amazon, and the Llanos  (the Plains) with the warm smile of its inhabitants.

Colombia has managed to stand proudly among the best destinations to visit in South America. Today, visiting Colombia is as safe as visiting any other country in the world.

However, it is essential to know a lot more about this country before traveling in order to be better prepared… Let’s see:

Do I need a visa to visit Colombia?

The countries that are exempt from this requirement are the United States, Canada, most Western European countries, and some countries in Asia and the Middle East. Citizens of these countries and regions automatically receive a tourist visa when entering Colombia.

To enter the country, it is necessary to present the [Colombia Check-MIG] form. This is a document that allows visitors to enter this territory. All passengers must complete the Check-MIG form before entering and leaving Colombia.

This allows them free transit through the country for a period of 90 days. However, it is always important to check what type of travel documents you need according to your nationality.

Can I travel to Colombia without a passport?

Citizens of the countries of Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru can travel without their passports. Instead, they are allowed to enter Colombia with their country’s identity document.

It is always recommended that you have color copies of your essential identification documents on hand at all times and that you leave the original documents in the safety deposit box at your hotel.

What language is spoken in Colombia?

Spanish represents 99% of the dominant language in Colombia. However, in particularly large cities, you will find Colombians speaking English with varying degrees of fluency.

The remaining 1% of the language distribution in Colombia consists of people who speak one of the 65 different Amerindian languages, Romani or Creole.

What currency is used in Colombia?

The peso is the official currency of Colombia. No other currency is accepted in the country. The exchange rate at the time of this writing is 4,759 Colombian pesos to 1 U.S. dollar.

Credit and debit cards are accepted in Colombia. It is worth mentioning, however, that you will likely be able to use them only in large establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls.

When is the best time to travel to Colombia?

Colombia is an attractive destination all year round. The coastal areas are mainly hot and humid.

The valleys and forested regions are cooler and pleasant. This region experiences a healthy amount of rainfall throughout the year and, for several seasons, very consistent rainfall patterns.

Popular coastal destinations such as Cartagena, including the nearby cities of Barranquilla and Santa Marta, occupy the northern tip of Colombia and have access to the Caribbean Sea. However, the weather in these places also varies, mainly due to rainfall.

What voltage do I find in Colombia?

The standard voltage in Colombia is 110 volts with a frequency of 60 hertz, the same as that used in the United States. In Colombia, two types of electrical plugs are used: type A and type B.

Type A plugs are the ones you can find in the United States and Canada; type B plugs are basically the same as type A plugs, the only difference is that they have a third round plug.

What vaccinations do I need to travel to Colombia?

To enter the country, it is not required to present a vaccination certificate. However, normal precautionary measures should be taken, and it is recommended that you keep abreast of the recommendations of your embassy.

How do I get around and travel in Colombia?

Traveling by bus in Colombia is relatively inexpensive; however, it is time-consuming. For example, traveling from Bogota to iconic destinations such as Cartagena takes approximately 19 hours. An efficient way to get around Colombia is by air because numerous airlines offer domestic flights to popular cities in the country. For example, a trip from Bogota to Cartagena takes about an hour and a half.

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