We see anime characters swallow and munch deliciously-made anime food in relish. Sometimes, the animators give too much detail and attention to food graphics that an anime foodie would find faults from.

It makes us drool the way the characters gobble up their food! Since those animations are inspired by realistic foods, you can try them whether you’re an anime fan or not.

Prepare your saliva and stomachs with this must-try list of anime foods.


A sports anime series – Yuri on Ice features delicious dishes. One of which is this popular Japanese dish called Katsudon.

Yuuri Katsuki, the main character, is rewarded with Katsudon every time he wins figure skating competitions. He is allowed to taste it only after he wins.

But because it’s flavorful that he’d crave for it, he breaks the rules at times! Imagine how a Katsudon is wanted by many.

Try this heavenly bowl of rice, topped with deep-fried pork cutlet and eggs. It’s pretty easy to make a Katsudon at home. Or, you can visit the Japanese store near you!


This is a tasty fish-figured pancake that most comedy or romantic anime series show. It makes the characters look cute eating them too.

These pancakes are usually made of a waffle batter and then, shaped like a fish. Sometimes, the artists add chocolate or red bean paste to color up the whole graphics.

There’s no trace of the origin of Taiyaki being fish-shaped. However, many suggest its form is based on the expensive sea bream. Thus, making you feel extravagant eating a pricey Taiyaki.

Yaki dango

Go and see Samurai Champloo – another Japanese animated series loved by many. There’s a trio in the series composed of Mugen, Jin, and Fuu, who is on a weird and epic adventure.

They were looking for something to eat along the road and eventually saw a food stall with appealing “dango” on display. They were attracted to it and spent even the little money left in them.

Dango is made from mochiko (rice flour) that can be eaten year-round! You will see many of these treats when you visit Japan.


This Japanese snack is also popular in anime series. Onigiri is simply known as a rice ball.

Whether you’re an anime lover or an anime foodie, you’d surely be excited to try this one! It’s present in almost all anime series.

Onigiri was featured in Pokémon before, backlashed by fans due to using an inaccurate word as a replacement for the term itself.

They used “sandwiches” at first for the international fans to understand. But the case closed when Pokémon Company changed it to a more accurate one which is the “rice balls”.


Bet this one is the most famous among the anime dishes. Ramen has become widely popular, maybe due to the long-running series Naruto.

It’s repetitively displayed in the Naruto series. Don’t you find it worth-seeking especially on a cold rainy evening?

Ramen is made of broth, noodles, and different meat toppings that can be cut pork or fish based on broth.

They say ramen also symbolizes friendship, family, and happiness. Noodles are for longer life and might be for longer and stronger relationship bonds.


Have breakfasts like that of The Garden of Words! They were impressive and makes you wait for the next scene the characters would meet again for another food session at the waiting shed.

Omurice is a Western-influenced Japanese food. Omurice is made with fried rice, covered with thin, fried scrambled eggs, topped with ketchup.

It’s commonly cooked at homes in Japan and served for children. They practically love this comfort food!

Miso soup

An anime foodie should go for miso soup in search of adventures on Japanese food. Miso soup is a traditional soup in Japan that consists of dashi stock.

There are optional ingredients for a miso soup like bits of tofu, scallions, and seaweed or kelp. These vary per region and season in Japan.

Marukome is an established miso soup paste producer. They love to release a series of feel-good commercials showing how families become united, portrayed while eating at the dining table.

It’s the ultimate comfort food that every anime lover would love!


This is a perfect snack for seafood addicts! Takoyaki is also known as “octopus balls”. Legit takoyaki is filled with minced or diced octopus unlike those commercialized ones typically seen in malls nowadays.

It’s made up of wheat flour-based batter, cooked in a takoyaki pan. Recreate takoyaki at home by preparing the necessary ingredients.

Buy some octopus and dice them. Get yourself a wheat flour batter with pickled ginger and green onions. Takoyaki is perfect with sauce, shredded vegetables, and dried bonito shavings.

The sci-fi comedy manga Assassination Classroom Korosensei made delectable Takoyaki that Karma Akabane killed.

That takoyaki was rich with a spiciness that most of us would enjoy!


This is a popular Western food that has existed since a long time ago in some popular anime. If you have watched Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball GT, Ranma 1/2m, and One Piece, hamburgers were indulgently featured.

Characters chowed down on katsu burgers, pork burgers, and many more. And, that might have influenced us from adding burgers into our meals for the day.


While you’re full as the list is almost all about meals, anime foodies would surely wait and taste this kind of dessert. Parfaits are not a traditional food of Japan, but you’ll surely give this Western delight a thumbs-up!

You can try it at home by boiling cream, sugar, and syrup and create a custard-like puree. You can add granola, nuts, yogurts, or liqueurs with a combination of your chosen fruits or whipped creams.

This ultimate dessert is featured on a comic series entitled Working. If you’re sweet-toothed like the sadist character – Kyouko, then try this creamy dessert.

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