In this month of love, couples must have laid plans as to which activities to take. They should already have been busy searching for the perfect place for the perfect day with their loved ones.

Plans might include a formal dinner out together or just a practical, romantic, cozy movie night at home. If you’d choose the latter, we have a very good list of anime in-store for you.

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of the anime marathon at home with the 10 Romantic Anime for Valentine’s Day!

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

This film is ultimately one of the best movies of 2018. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas conveyed about a young girl – Sakura Yamauchi – with pancreatic cancer and her aloof friend Haruki Shiga. Haruki played a vital role during the final days of Sakura.

This film is way more than the romantic tropes. The scenes got thrilling by the time Haruki read a letter from Sakura. It has a very nice unexpected plot that will give you a realization of appreciating your loved ones while they are there with you.

You can watch it on Netflix or Youtube.

Your Name (kimi No Nawa)

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a countryside girl while Taki Tachibana is a boy living in Tokyo, Japan. A mysterious incident caused the two high schoolers to exchange bodies, with some awkward moments!

When they noticed this incident kept on happening in themselves, they decided to exchange notes using their cellphones, notebooks, or hands, so that they will be updated on each other.

They were so annoyed and frustrated with each other in the beginning and eventually, developed a crush on each other.

This film is very popular across Asia. Its realistic visuals of the places of Japan and the film score made it so superb. It’s a very charming movie of a young love supported by many teen anime fans.

Tsurezure Children

Young love gives a very impact on our teenage years. You will hate yourself remembering the awkward, stubborn, or dumb past. Remember when you had an emotion towards your crush? It’s so difficult to confess it to him/her, right?

If you’ve watched Tsurezure Children, it’s an anime series that tells about high school students of different relationships. From students that are on the courtship stage, to being unable to reveal their true feelings toward another person, up to not knowing how real love feels like.

Even if each episode only has 12 minutes to show, the illustrators did not fail to hit the necessary plots that would tickle you. It teaches everyone to love even at a young age.

Loving may not always be easy and happy. It’s a whole lot of fun, emotional experience that one must endure.

Vampire Knight

This Japanese series talks about Yuki Cross, a girl who had a bad past of being attacked by some vampires. It’s just romantic when Kaname Kuran, a pureblood vampire, rescued her.

Yuki was once a student of Cross Academy. Now, she’s one of the guardians of Cross Academy, along with her childhood friend, Zero Ziryu. Zero hated the vampires so much but Yuki sees only the good side of them.

There are two groups of students in Cross Academy. There is Day Class and the Night Class, both composed of aristocratic vampires.

Thanks to the school guardians – Yuki and Zero – for the Day Class doesn’t have any idea they’re mixed with vampires! But, Zero hated this pretending job.

Witness the arising love triangle of Yuki Cross, Zero Ziryu, and Kaname Kuran. Both men are keeping Yuki from harm. How cheesy!


Sometimes, you’re chasing the wrong person and ignore who’s already in front of you. Unfortunately, this is what happened in Toradora – a Japanese series about two high school students who have secret crushes on other two popular students in their school.

Ryuuji Takasu is a friend of Taiga Aisaka. Ryuuki Takasu looks delinquent but he has a good heart. Taiga, on the other hand, has a negative attitude towards others.

These two discovered along the way their secret crushes. When they did, they decided to help each other. But it was difficult for them because they are very opposite.

If you wish to enjoy a high school love story throwback, stories like this, you better watch Toradora!

My Love Story

This Japanese romantic comedy series is also recommended for you to watch for Valentine’s Day. It’s focused on comedy and not even containing any dramas.

It’s a good vibes-spreading series wherein a high school guy Takeo Gouda, who has a bulky body build, once saved a young girl named Rinko Yamato from a train.

Takeo has been quite unfortunate with girls at his school. But, when he met Rinko and had the chance to save her from an accident, things improved about his luck with girls.

Love comes in any size or shape. It’s not even about ages nor wealth. Watch as to how the young dating couple improves themselves while being together.

This is a perfect series for couples whose love is undefined by physical matters. Instead, they find love as a gift for everyone!

School Days

This one has a horrible twist. Not every romantic anime series talks about falling in love. It also has ugly parts.

School Days tells us about Makoto Itou having a crush on a transferee named Kotonoha Katsura. Makoto is too afraid to show and tell Kotonoha his real feelings for her. Sekai Sainoji, a girl best friend of Makoto, tries to help him but it turns out he has a crush on Makoto.

You will be surprised how Makoto took advantage of the young women having a crush on him. The sordid love affair pushed the young women to do unspeakable things to be noticed and caught by Makoto’s eyes.

It’s a horrible type of romantic anime that your partner might be interested in.

Nodame Cantabile

The story follows a developing relationship between Chiaki Shinichi and Noda Megumi. Chiaki Sinichi is a 3rd-year piano and violin student whose dream is to become a conductor. On the other hand, Noda Megumi is a beautiful eccentric pianist.

They both studied at a prestigious music school called Momogaoka Music Academy when they found themselves different from each other. Their differences led to some conflicts yet funny ones.

The pair’s romance is the icing on the cake of the series. Humorous scenes and a good musical score will make you fall in love!

Unlike typical anime romances, this one focuses on a relationship of adults. Do you think this one is for both of you?


Sometimes, it feels like going back to the old times and fixing the things we’ve done wrong. It’s just unreal.

Luckily, Naho Takamiya, the protagonist of Orange, has found her way to improve herself and avoid slip-ups. Thanks to the letter from 10 years ago.

It contained a series of events that are happening to her. She thought it was a letter from her 26-year-old-self. Reading them makes her regret what her future will become. But, those contents warned her from keeping an eye on her classmate and crush, Kakeru Naruse.

Orange is not only about a couple’s love but also portrays the love in a group of friends that would last for more than a decade.

Hi Score Girl

This cute anime series entails the life of a not-so-good gamer Yaguchi Haruo and his relationship with a quiet female gamer Akira Ono. Hi Score Girl is romantic and known for its unique art style.

Yaguchi is not the best and the most athletic gamers but he’s a certified videogame master spending most of his free time at the local arcade. He hones the skills that eventually give him confidence and pride.

But when Akira Ono, the popular rich girl in their class, defeated him easily, crushed his whole heart away. Because of that, he has a mission of defeating Akira.

This series will give you a nostalgic feel of the ’90s. The characters’ intense rivalry turned into cute romantic scenes that you will surely enjoy.

These are just a few of the many romantic anime you should watch. Make sure to discuss the movie date first with your partner and openly suggest our list of 10 Romantic Anime for Valentine’s Day.

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