Installing tiles is not one of the monotonous DIY things; it may still be quite obvious to carry out some typical mistakes. To keep the tile-laying process, especially when it comes to the subway tiles, here are a few lifehacks to stick to.

  • Don’t Let Them Crack

The most common misconception that most of us bring in is that subway tile options are made of porcelain, and they may not break at all. Undoubtedly, that can happen at times, and buying too much of the stock may make you break the bank.

To avoid this, it is always better to cut the tiles with a wet diamond saw while ensuring that moderate pressure is being applied to make the precise cut.

Avoid Typical Mistakes While DIY Installing Subway Tiles

  • Having an Uneven Trowel

Another point you need to check on is to make sure that the trowel’s size coordinates well with the tile size. Oversized tiles need a significant thin-set; this is why you need a trowel with a broader carve.

  • Laying Them Bumpy

When you prefer to lay the subway tiles in an inclining manner, bear in mind that there are steps for that as well. First, focus on the tiles by setting the corners on a single line.

At the ending point, join the rest according to the falling pyramid design encompassing the same line. Make sure to stay on course and not to end up with irregular and shabby zig-zag arrangements.

  • Uneven Base

Keeping in mind to lay the tiles on a polished level should have a perfect base and has no lumps and bumps. A more firm base for the tiles installation will save the tiles from undergoing any damage in the long run.

If in any situation, the settling base of the area is not even, definitely there are high chances that it won’t stay sturdy at all. Use a concrete board below the tile to make it successful.

  • Improper Grout Usage

Always try your level best not to leave the subway tiles’ superiority alone blot out by a terrible grout. A well-conceded and clean grout will give the tiles a better finish that will become incredible overtime.

Whereas, a poor-looking grout will even make the tiles look nasty, making you think that the whole process was a waste of time, money, and effort.

  • Skipping the Back Butter

If you choose to make space look appealing with much bigger tiles, back butter is essential to consider. If you are not familiar with the term, let us tell you that back butter means having a stable bond between the surface and the tiles. Besides, check whether the thin-set is compounded well or not. Just let it rest for at least 10-20 minutes until all the dry mix has absorbed the water.

  • Missing the Final Clean Up

Once the grout layer has completely dried, be specific about cleaning the leftover mess with a wet wipe, microfiber cloth, or cotton. Be assured to follow a gentle cleaning process instead of being harsh on the subway tiles till the end.

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