Luis Francisco Ricote is a businessman, photographer and a husband of Gabriela Rivero, who is a Mexican actress and well known for her films Carrusel de las Americas (1992), El Camino Secreto (1986) and El Rostro da la Venganza (2012). Luis’s wife was born on September 15, 1964, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

Since How Long They Have Been Married?

Francisco Luis Ricote and Gabriela Rivero have been married since June 12, 1993.

How Many Children Do They Have?

They have three daughters. Lara Ricote Rivero, Gala Ricote Rivero and Maya Ricote Rivero.

Is Luis Francisco Ricote Dating Anyone?

We are not known of any other relationship of Louis Francisco Ricote. He has been happily married to Gaby Rivero for 28 years.

What is the Net Worth of Luis Francisco Ricote?

The net worth of Luis Francisco has not been known yet. However, his wife Gabriela has a net worth between $1million and $5 million, and her work as an actress in soap operas is her primary source of income.

What Luis Ricote Reveals about His Successful Marriage with Gaby?

The couple celebrated their 28 years of marriage anniversary. In a video, they shared with their fans about the secrets keeping them together since 1993.

Gaby Rivero and Luis Francisco live the most beautiful stages of life. The Mexican actress Gaby said that she loves her husband more than ever, and also, she revealed the secrets of successful relationships.

Gabby Rivero is better known for her role as teacher Jimena in the Tv show telenovela Carrusel. Her husband is a businessman and a professional photographer; they both revealed on a show that laughter is a vital key for maintaining long-term relations.

The couple revealed that they fell in love with each other with laughter. Their sense of humor brought them together, and even after 28 years of marriage, laughing together has become an essential factor in their beautiful lives.

Louis Francisco said that Gaby Rivero used to tell me jokes, then he told her another, and like that, they spent hours telling each other jokes until they came to the valid point of talking about each other.

Gaby affectionately calls her husband Luis’ Kiko’ in love.

Moreover, the couple, especially Gaby Rivero, said three more important factors are needed to make the relationship more successful: communication, respect, trust, and tolerance; without them, you can never create a healthy bond.

She said that we have self-confidence that we are with each other, her partner wants to be with her, and if he goes away, he will go the same way. She emphasized that you can heal everything if there is respect and love.

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