According to a AAA study, the average cost of maintenance and car repairs amounts to $0.09 per mile. While that may not sound much, you need to consider how many miles you drive each year. Every 10,000 miles you do could cost you $900.

Reducing the amount that a vehicle costs to run is probably something that most car owners would like to do. One way to achieve this is by using used parts.

But what should you know about buying and using used car parts in your vehicle?

In this guide, we’ll talk you through everything you need to consider and how you can shop for reliable car parts.

Are Used Parts Worth the Effort?

When repairing a vehicle, owners have three main choices for parts. These are:

  • OEM spare parts – produced by the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Aftermarket spares- these are usually cheaper and made by a third-party manufacturer
  • Used spare parts- these are often salvaged from scrap or junk cars

Used parts are typically much cheaper than the other options, and, as long as you carry out due diligence when buying, you can save a considerable sum of money buying parts in this way.

Where to Buy Used Car Parts

There are many places online where you can buy used parts for your car. Breakers yards and parts suppliers may exist online that deal with specific makes and models of cars, or even types of spare parts.

Popular auction sites such as eBay are full of businesses and private sellers that all sell spares. When buying from a site like this, make sure that the seller has constantly high feedback scores over a high volume of sales.

Check Out the Warranty

Some parts will come with a warranty, and some won’t. A reputable company such as Redlineautoparts.com will offer a warranty on everything they sell.

Make sure you check out the terms of the warranty before you part with any money. The last thing you want is a part that dies the first time you run your vehicle with it in.

Is the Car Part Tested?

The next thing to find out is whether the part has been tested. Some breakers yards may not test parts, and will just carry out a visual inspection. Look for a parts supplier that thoroughly tests every part that they sell.

If a part has been tested, you will be able to buy with confidence knowing that it works.

Find Out About Shipping

Shipping methods are important for car parts. You wouldn’t want your replacement part to be damaged in transit. Find out what shipping methods the parts supplier will use and how the part will be packaged up.

Save Money On Your Car Parts

When buying used parts, remember to check the legitimacy and customer reviews of the seller. Always ensure there is a warranty, and stick to buying parts that you know have been tested.

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