Many people think that wearing expensive clothes and accessories is the only key to looking classy. But the truth is, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money just to appear sophisticated. So, what can a person do to look classy?

Dressing up and presenting yourself with poise, grace, and confidence are the two aspects of looking classy. It’s about wearing the clothes and accessories that make you feel good about yourself without going overboard.

As easy as this sounds, it can be difficult to achieve an elegant look, especially if your wardrobe is limited. Nevertheless, by following the tips below, you can look and feel classy in every occasion without putting in too much effort. Read on.

1. Invest In High-Quality Clothes

Where you place your money is where it all begins. If you want to look classy in every occasion, it’s recommended that you invest in high-quality clothes. There are several affordable brands that produce high-quality clothing. However, it would be best to avoid fast fashion stores as they’re often the ones who sell low-quality apparel, which is evident in their choice of fabrics and the workmanship of their seams.

So, if you really want to look classy, don’t be afraid to buy good-quality clothes from reputable brands. For instance, if you’re looking for formal or casual dresses, you may check out Scanlan Theodore dresses or other brands that sell quality dresses online. When you wear quality clothes, not only will you look classy, but people will see your confidence.

2. Wear The Right Fit

Even if you wear high-quality clothes, it’s difficult to look classy in them if they’re not your size. So, when shopping for clothes, make sure they’re the correct fit for your form.

If you have a small frame, opt for silhouette or classic cut dresses to look leaner and taller. Meanwhile, avoid wearing shoulder pads or miniskirts, as they’ll only make you look smaller and skinnier.

If you’re curvy, avoid wearing clothes or dresses that are too skin-tight or body-hugging. Instead, opt for dresses with belts or belted jackets to accentuate your curves. Remember that you can take any clothing that doesn’t fit you well to a reputable tailor to get it altered.

3. Wear The Right Colors

Another factor that could have an impact on how classy you look is your choice of colors. Preferably, choose colors that matches the occasion, the season, and your desired look.

For example, if you’re dressing up for work, wear clothes that are in black, navy blue, or gray, as these can give you a professional vibe. For a more casual look, dress in a mix of blue and green. Meanwhile, you can create a more fun ensemble with vibrant colors such as red and orange.

A classic fashion rule to note when wearing colored clothes is not to incorporate more than three colors in one outfit. Wearing too many colors in one outfit might make you appear messy, which doesn’t emanate a classy vibe.

4. Avoid Overexposing Your Skin

Although it’s acceptable to show off some skin during special events, it’s best to refrain from doing so, especially if you’re dressing up for work or formal occasions. Remember that being classy is the equivalent of being modest, which means you’ll need to avoid wearing miniskirts, blouses with low necklines, and tops that exposes your midriff. It’s also ideal not to wear dresses or blouses with huge armholes that could expose your bra. You must also keep your belly button and cleavage covered.

Avoid wearing clothes with bold prints and patterns since they don’t give off a classy look. For your bottom wear, ensure the length of your skirt is below the knee or right above it.

5. Invest In Classic And Timeless Accessories

Like clothes, fast fashion accessories may also come and go. So, to ensure you remain classy for a long time, invest in classic accessories that will never go out of style.

For example, stainless steel, leather, or metal wristwatch are classic watch designs that will elevate your elegance when you’re at work. Plus, wearing a wristwatch is a much easier way to track the time, especially if you’re in a meeting. Besides a wristwatch, you can also incorporate accessories like a statement neckpiece and earrings. Avoid wearing multiple jewelry pieces on your neck, arms, or ears.

6. Wear Classy Shoes

To complete your classy look, make sure you wear the appropriate shoes. The choice of shoes you wear can influence a person’s first impression of you.

So, ensure you look classy from head to toe by investing in high-quality, pointed-toe shoes. They should also be in classic colors (e.g., gray, nude, black). When wearing heels, they shouldn’t be thicker than the shoe’s width to avoid looking like you have wide ankles.

7. Wear Your Best Smile

Nothing communicates class like a person who constantly wears a warm and welcoming smile. Now that you have your classy outfit put together, don’t forget to wear your best smile when you meet with your friends, family, co-workers, and even acquaintances. Also, keep your teeth clean and healthy because it helps boost self-confidence.

Key Takeaway

Now, are you ready to look classy in every occasion? Keep in mind that classy doesn’t necessarily mean plain and boring. It’s about looking neat and sophisticated even while wearing simple outfits that suit your preferences. So, incorporate these tips into your current style and have fun as you dress up so that you can feel good and look good.

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