Planning a corporate event in Toronto is huge, but never straightforward business. It involves hard work that requires a broad skill set, from a knack for detailed planning to high-level multitasking during event execution. With the right people, skills, and resources, the results are often iconic and grand!

If you can strategically manage ideas, dates, people, numbers, and everything else while all the factors are at odds with each other, then you might fit the role of being an effective corporate event planner.

While planning a major corporate event can be taxing, breaking the process into different elements (research, planning, design, evaluation, and coordination) makes it easier to manage and organize the event efficiently without overlooking the minute details. As a planner, you need to understand the key elements of event management to throw an iconic, grand corporate event that guests will truly remember.

Here is an ultimate guide that will help you plan an epic and flawless corporate event:

  • Planning

For each aspect of the event, have a backup to avoid potential problems that may come along the way. With today’s corporate events becoming more reliant on digital elements, having a few digital backup plans in place. Take, for instance, streaming a YouTube video for your guests. Be sure you have the video saved in an MP4 format to the computer, so you can easily access it if needed.

  • Make an Impact

Be unique in creating a corporate event that will leave the attendees feeling inspired and motivated long after it is over. Brainstorm ideas with your team members and come up with a fantastic event that will have people talk about the event. Word-of-mouth is a cost-effective, brilliant way to promote the event and inspire your team. One way to promote the event before, during, and after is making it memorable with immersive and engaging entertainment. It is a good idea to think of ideas that would have an impact on the audience. Hiring a corporate event DJ is a great idea. This will help create a level of hype, create a positive atmosphere, and build the company’s brand awareness.

  • Choose a Theme

Are you going for cocktails and snacks? Perhaps a buffet style or a fancy sit down? Before you choose a venue and a caterer for your corporate event in Toronto, you should set the theme of the event. Determining the theme help you have a clear vision and know how to plan and organize. The equipment, tables, chairs, foods, beverages, and decorations will depend on the style of event you are planning.

  • Find the Perfect Venue

When finding a venue, you need to navigate the costs, quotes, location, and accessibility to bus charter for Toronto guests. Make sure to give yourself enough time to ponder on the following:

  • How many staff will be working for the preparation of the event?
  • Does the venue allow you to bring your own caterer?
  • If not, is it possible to meet the caterer?
  • How late are you allowed to stay at the venue?
  • Do you need to secure special event permits?
  • Does the venue provide tables, chairs, and equipment?

Do not hesitate to ask the venue management any questions and concerns you may have in mind.

  • Get Social

Another great way to build-up the hype is choosing the ideal social media channels to promote the upcoming corporate event. Twitter is the best social media to create a unique hashtag to assess the impact of your tweets. Instagram is also a great social media platform to show off event photos and give your followers behind-the-scenes insights. If you work with a charity or other parties, take advantage of their social audience to spread the net of your event promotion even further. Creating meaningful and relevant updates help draw more attention to your target audience, this is how advertising influences us.

  • Fun Entertainment

When planning for an iconic and grand corporate event, choose your entertainment wisely. Luckily, there are a variety of options you can choose—from event technology to delivering phenomenal experiences to featuring hyper-talented musicians. Providing a exceptional quality entertainment ensures fun and enjoyment, leaving a good impression in the attendees’ minds.

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