Credentials matters when it comes to tree care and maintenance. Working with a professional, licensed arborist in Newmarket can make you feel confident, knowing that your tree is in good hands.

While trees are a worthwhile addition to your property, lack of care and maintenance can make trees a liability than an asset. To maximize the value of your trees and property, invest in professional tree care services.

However, tree care, such as tree pruning, trimming, and removal, is a job that requires the skills and expertise of a licensed arborist. There are various risks associated with tree care, including handling specialized tools and equipment, as well as maneuvering around overhead power lines or underground utilities.

With the dangers involved in tree care services, hiring an unlicensed arborist can expose you to unwanted risks and costs that you may not consider.

  • Harm Trees

When you bought those beautiful maple trees for sale in Brampton, you expect them the grow healthy and add value to your property. While tree care professionals follow the industry standards and techniques used to enhance the appearance and maintain the health of the tree, unlicensed arborists perform damaging practices, such as tipping and topping, which causes injury to the tree and exposes them to serious disease and infestations. Without proper skills and knowledge on trimming and pruning, they can leave your tree looking bare and naked.

  • Damage Your Property

A damaged, sick, or dying tree can be destructive, especially when handled improperly. Trimming dangling or overhanging branches or removing a dying tree is a task best left to the professionals. Unlicensed tree service providers do not have the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to trim, cut, and remove trees safely. Using incorrect methods and calculations can cause the tree to fall on structures and cars.

  • Liability for Damage and Injury

Without proper knowledge and skills to carry out the process of trimming, cutting, and removal safely and properly, the unlicensed tree service provider can be potentially exposed to animal and insect bites, cuts, rashes, infections, or worse, electrocutions. Additionally, they do not use the right PPEs and tools to protect them from the risk of falling or other impact injuries. Since unlicensed contractors are not insured, you may be liable for any injuries or damages.

When hiring an arborist, always check their credentials to ensure that your tree is in good hands. Make sure to consider the following when choosing the best tree service provider:

  • Certification – It does not only ensures the credibility of the arborist but also indicates safety, efficiency, and professionalism.
  • Insurance – Since some tree care services may involve a dangerous process, make sure to hire a licensed and insured tree service company. Check their liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance policy to ensure you are well-protected when hiring their services.
  • Tools and Equipment – In addition to skill, experience, and expertise, the arborist may also have the right tools and equipment needed to get the job done safely and efficiently. Otherwise, it does not only make the trees look unsightly, but also cause damage due to mishandling. Additionally, using improper tools can put the arborist at risk of injuries and even, death.
  • Experience – One of the most important aspects to consider when hiring an arborist is experience. Be sure to ask the number of years they have been in the tree care service. Working with an experienced arborist means they have the knowledge and expertise in managing a wide range of tree-related services efficiently.
  • Safety – Whatever the magnitude of the job, professional tree care service providers must follow the safety guidelines. They should provide their crews with appropriate safety gear and be wary of the potential risks involved.

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