Cycling isn’t just an incredible form of exercise. It is an Olympic sport, and professional cycling tournaments and triathlons are held in different parts of the world around the year.

The right gear and clothing go a long way in making the cyclists comfortable to cycle for long distances with the least exertion.

Whether you are a pro or an avid cyclist, you can choose premium styles from brands like Cycology women’s cycle clothing. They offer stylish and modern clothing, designed to lend maximum comfort and flexibility to the cyclist. Here are the five best styles to choose from:

Cycology women’s cycle clothing

Base Layers: 

The base layers are the first layer of clothing you will put on. They come in long and short sleeves. The round-neck clothing fits snugly. They are available in bright prints, and come in bold colors with contemporary motifs.

If you do not want to go for colored options, you can choose from monochromes like black or white base layer outfits. You may put on an extra layer or add jerkins on top of the base layers if you want.

Cycling Jersey: 

They are similar in cut to conventional cycling jerseys, but the fit makes all the difference. They are mostly short-sleeved, and you will find them soft and comfortable on your skin. They have zips in front, and the closed round-neck cut gives it a professional look.

They absorb sweat quickly, leaving you feeling fresh as you cycle. Available in bright colors and bold prints, you are sure to make a mark with your style quotient on the cycling track.

Cycling Shorts: 

The cycling shorts from manufacturers like Cycology women’s cycle clothing are designed to give you maximum flexibility. Some shorts may restrict your movement, and you might have trouble moving your legs while paddling.

The bib shorts fit you snugly from the knees up to the waist, and then the strap around your shoulders. They also support your calf muscles so that your legs experience the least amount of strain, reducing the possibility of cramps.

Cycling Vests: 

If you want to feel light and comfortable while cycling, then the vests would be your ideal choice. The vests are usually great for practice sessions. They are sleeveless and hence keep your arms free. They are also great when you are cycling in hotter climates. They are lightweight and easy to carry with your luggage.

Winter Bib Tights: 

The winter bib tights are ideal when you have to cycle in colder climates. The tights have a vest for the bust, and then they go right up your ankle. It is very snug and will keep you warm as you cycle outdoors in cold weather. You can pair it with sports jackets on top or add a jersey, depending on the temperatures.

Brands like Cycology women’s cycle clothing are going beyond regular sport clothing items. They use technology to blend comfort and functionality to increase the cyclist’s efficiency in this high-intensity sport.

You will surely notice a difference if you include these irresistible styles in your kit. Take on the track with more confidence and energy than ever before.

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