The comfy clothing craze is here to stay. And when you talk about comfort and style, the thought of no-frills dresses comes to mind. Be it universities or campuses and now even parks and paths, the skater apparel is a popular choice. You can choose a skater skirt or dress for almost any occasion if you know what to wear with it. The best way to style this outfit is to select the pairings and combinations appropriately.

Heading out to shop for apparel every season isn’t the most practical thing to do. However, skater skirts and dresses are appropriate for every season! Furthermore, having something suitable to wear for the weather and easy to slip into is a win-win situation!

Besides, the comfort and look cannot be compromised too. When going shopping, finding that one piece of clothing that ticks all these boxes may seem tricky, but making the most of a lovely skater dress might come in handy. Here are some ideas about how to style them with ease:

With Basic T-shirts

If you want to use your skater dress in multiple ways, start by pairing it with a basic t-shirt. This combo is perfect for a more relaxed, minimalist style. Plain skater clothes, printed ones and even colour block ones can be used as a starting point. This combo is also a go-to option when time isn’t on your side. Have some errands to run or a coffee date with a friend? Pull out a plain skater apparel and wear a t-shirt on top.

With Fitted Leggings

To strike the perfect blend of comfort and style, pair your oversized tee with a pair of comfy leggings. Throw in a pair of smart sneakers or traditional boots and a fanny bag to complete your look. This ensemble appearance is apt if you’re looking for something simple, fuss-free, yet trendy. If you want to make an offbeat statement, you can experiment with various colour palettes. For example, you can go with printed leggings and a plain dress.

With Tall Boots

If you want to try something eclectic yet chic, you can wear your stunning dress with exquisite tall boots. This can be sure to save your day. You can also pair classic brogues to add an extra edge to your look. And pairings don’t have to be only apparel-centric always. A footwear combo can also notch up your look by miles! Further huge hoop earrings can instantly improve your outfit, and you can consider opting for it too.

With Jackets

Unsure whether you look too overdressed or underdressed? Allow essential styling hacks to lead the way then. Simply pairing your skater dress with a gorgeous jacket can take care of your fears and uncertainty. Keep an eye out for sleeveless or halter neck printed dresses if you have an upcoming event to attend or an impending with your date. This combo will ensure you arrive up looking great yet subtle, whether it’s for a date, dinner with friends, or a match with pals.

A skater skirt or dress is a piece of statement clothing in itself. For a pleasant and trendy look overall, use subtle colours.

Considering the above tips, hoping you can get lots of inspiration from styling and nailing your plain dresses!

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