For the natural-born DIY-er, home projects can be challenging, but fun to tackle. New paint jobs, laminate floorings, and the latest countertops can be some of the more difficult projects, but they can certainly be done without the help of a professional, and without a permit. Permits are required by law when making significant structural changes to a home or building.

Most of these jobs on this list require significant changes to the structure of your home, so a permit is needed. You’re able to apply for a permit yourself and tackle these projects, but many of these require the expertise of a trained professional. Here are a few examples of those types of home projects:

#1: Room Conversions

If you want to convert your basement into a practical living space with a bathroom and kitchen area, then you’ll likely need to hire a plumber and an electrician. The same goes for adding a second laundry room or adding new features to your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms that weren’t previously existing before, such as an island (kitchen), fireplace (living room), or creating a separate shower and bathtub.

If you want to convert an old bedroom into a home office or a simple workout room, then this type of room conversion can be done without a professional or a permit. However, if you want to add extra features to these rooms (such as a water fountain for your workout room), then you’ll need to become a licensed general contractor or hire one.

Electrical Wiring

Any time electricity is involved, you should hire a professional electrician such as unitedenergygroup to avoid the risk of electrocution.Even if you are very careful, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can cause a shortage throughout the house, or even unintentionally start a fire. Electrical work usually always requires a permit and an inspection.

Plumbing Installation

When adding in or changing the location of sinks, showers, or toilets, you should always hire a plumber. Pipes that are installed incorrectly can lead to flooding, which can lead to structural damage, rotting wood, and mold.

#2: Pool Installation

If you want to add an in-ground pool to your backyard, it’s not smart to attempt this yourself. This is another project that requires a permit, as well as special tools that you may not have access to. Several steps go into constructing an in-ground pool, such as choosing the shape of the pool, adding special features, and deciding where to place it in the yard. Plus, there’s the plumbing, electrical, and gas work to take into account.

#3: Roof Repairs

Many people attempt to repair small portions of their roof and this can be done without a professional but is still very dangerous. Anyone working at height must be very careful to avoid falls. If you need a new roof, then you should definitely consult a professional. Professional roofers have the necessary tools and knowledge needed to correctly repair or replace a roof. Any mistakes can cause a leaky roof, which can also cause structural damage, rotting wood, and mold.

#4: Building a Deck

It is possible for this to be done without a professional, but only if you truly know what you’re doing. Several things need to be taken into consideration to ensure safety. You should inspect the land on which you want to build the deck, because the ground may not be level. The actual placement of the deck has to be functional and not blocking things like water hoses, and the deck itself has to be sturdy, or else it can collapse. Also, installing a glass balustrade ensures you safety as well as clear and nice view.

Home remodels can be fun and exciting, but also stressful. The easiest way to alleviate this stress would be to consult a professional. However, home remodeling projects can get expensive and major expenses can also lead to stress. If you’re already pretty handy, consider pursuing an education in general contracting or construction, which is cheaper than most degree programs, pays very well, and you’ll be qualified to do your home projects yourself.

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