Your roof is your home’s number 1 line of defense against the harsh elements of the outside world. If it gets weakened by damage or wear, these elements break through and damage your home’s interior/structural integrity.

As such, you must never ignore the warning signs that you need a new roof. But then, what are the signs you need a new roof?

If you don’t know, don’t worry. You’re about to find out.

The following guide lists all the common signs of serious roof issues that require a roof replacement. Take this checklist with you as you inspect your roof for yourself.

1. Rain Gets Through

Do you hear or see dripping every time it rains? Or, do you notice puddles and excess moisture in your attic after a storm? If so, you obviously have some pretty significant leaks.

Leaks are a serious problem because of how quickly they get worse. Each time it rains, the water goes deeper into your home’s interior.

This can cause water damage and/or mold growth. Also, temperature changes cause the leaked moisture to expand and contract within the breach, widening the hole even more.

That said, it’s sometimes possible to get the roof patched rather than replaced. To know for sure what type of work you need done, contact a highly-rated roofing company, like PRR247.com.

2. Sunlight Gets Through

If it’s not going to rain again any time soon, here’s another way you can check for leaks. On a sunny day, go to the top floor/attic and turn off all the lights. Block the light from any windows, too.

Do you see light coming in through holes in the ceiling? If so, this is a very advanced sign of roof damage that patching cannot fix. Call your local roofing service to get a quote for a roof replacement.

3. Interior Signs of Water Damage

A lot of times, though, leaks are much less noticeable. But even if you don’t see or hear them, they can still cause water damage. And that’s something you can easily check for.

Do you see dark rings on your ceilings or dark streaks running down your walls? You might also spot mold growing in these areas or in your attic. A sagging, cracked, or warped ceiling is another sign of water damage from a roof leak.

4. Visible Damage on the Roof Exterior

Hopefully, you can easily get a good look at the exterior of your roof through your windows. If not, you can get an adequate view from a ladder.

It’s best to avoid walking on your roof, though, because it’s dangerous for your roofing and for yourself. Even professionals get killed this way.

Note anything that looks damaged or just plain weird. Furthermore, the next few points on our list are the specific signs you should look for.

5. Rotten, Deteriorated, Damaged, or Missing Shingles

First, look for obvious signs of damaged roofing materials. You might be able to see holes, dents, or even fallen branches during your exterior inspection. This happens a lot after harsh weather, like high winds and heavy hailstorms.

Sometimes, though, the roofing shingles or the adhesive that keeps them on the roof simply wears down. This results in the shingles/tiles getting cracked or peeling away. Then, the areas with insufficient roofing are more susceptible to leaks and other damage.

Wooden roofing materials can rot if they’re not properly cared for. For instance, leaves and other debris can pile up on the roof and trap moisture underneath.

This constant moisture causes the wood to rot and become brittle. You may see your wood shingles crack or curl when this happens. Talk to a contractor about having your roof replaced if you notice any of these signs.

6. Roofing Debris in Your Gutters

If your roof is deteriorating, you can also find pieces of it that have fallen off. Check your gutters and all around the perimeter of your building for roofing debris.

7. Deteriorating Chimney and/or Flashing

Your chimney is just as important as the rest of your roof. And it gets damaged the same way, too. That is, moisture can find its way into small cracks in your chimney and then expand to cause extensive damage.

Thus, the last three steps we described also apply to your chimney and its flashing. (The flashing is the material that connects your chimney to your roof.)

When doing your visual inspection of the roof exterior, check the flashing and chimney as well. Likewise, check the gutters and the building perimeter for bits and pieces of broken flashing/chimney materials.

8. Improper Patch Jobs

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust someone who claims to be a roofing professional. Case in point, patch jobs that are done incorrectly can actually do more harm than good.

There are two ways to spot this. First, if a leak is patched but water keeps getting through, anyway, it probably wasn’t done right.

Secondly, patches are supposed to blend in with the rest of your roof and be unnoticeable. So, if you do notice patches of roofing that look inconsistent with the rest, have a (trustworthy) roofing professional take a look at it.

9. Your Roof Is Very Old

Asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 years. The lifespans of other roofs vary based on what they’re made of.

In any case, if your roof has reached its expected expiration date, it probably needs replacing. Get it professionally inspected to know for sure.

10. You Don’t Know Anything About Your Roof

On the other hand, it’s possible that you recently moved in and have no records of when the roof was last installed, patched, or repaired. Or maybe, you just can’t remember these details and you lost the paperwork. If so, get an inspection right away to find out if your roof needs replacing.

11. Your Neighbors All Have Newer Roofs

Here’s another indication to look for in case you don’t know how old your roof is. Does your roof look older than all the others in your neighborhood?

Neighborhood homes are usually constructed at about the same time. So, if all your neighbors have had their roofs replaced, you probably need yours replaced, too.

Get Help Immediately If You Noticed These Signs You Need a New Roof

Well, nothing lasts forever. Regardless, if your house is showing these signs you need a new roof, contact a roofing professional right away.

Next, learn more ways to make your home awesome. Check out our Home and Garden blog for tips on remodeling your kitchen/bathroom or get advice on building your dream home.

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