Community services involve various types of assistance offered by the government, private or not-for-profit organisations to the general public, often to help and support them to sustain a better life.

Community services offer numerous career opportunities for the people willing to find the pathways to help society. The community services work involves various clients considering children, older people, people with a disability, or those experiencing mental illness.

The work of a community service worker can take place in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, schools, and government offices. In addition, community service also offers opportunities to work with aged care or help people recover from issues related to drug and alcohol abuse. As community service providers, people also become a counsellor to help patients suffering from mental health issues or behavioural problems.

To prosper as a community services expert in Australia, you need the right training, experience and personality traits. Let’s look at the pathways of a career in community service.

Top 4 Career Pathways into Community Services- 

Work in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation.

A drug and alcohol support worker help people get rid of drug addiction through counselling. Working as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialist is one of the most popular career pathways into community service.

Your responsibilities as a drug and alcohol support worker involve counselling the patient, assessing their health during the treatment and providing patients with information and resources to help them recover quickly. If you think you would love to help society get rid of alcohol and drug addiction, this job role is best to be involved in.

Help People with a Disability

Research says nearly 20% of Australians need disability support or specific assistance. More than 175,000 people are working in the aged and disabled carers sector, and employment is expected to grow strongly in the same industry.

So, a disability support worker job would be the best fit if you would like to support the needy.

A disability support worker is responsible for helping disabled, and old-aged people sustain healthy lives. The job involves physical tasks such as assisting needy people in eating, taking medicines, bathing, and mobility support to shop and other household tasks. In addition, a disability support worker also provides psychological support to the disabled. Working with people with a disability is important in the community services pathways.

Aged care supporter.

If you find yourself helping older people and believe you can switch this task to a profession, becoming an aged care supporter is the best. A senior care supporter is one of the prime job roles in community service.

Aged care workers help elderly people with common daily chores, including eating, bathing, and personal tasks, such as cleaning and paying bills. An aged care provider is also responsible for emotional support and assisting with social activities.

Before you choose a career in aged care it s recommended to also complete a course in aged care.

Be a counsellor

Counselling is one of the fastest-growing careers in community service. It’s also one of the most satisfying ways to aid psychologically weak people with the tools and advice they need to get sound. As a counsellor, you would be responsible for treating various issues, considering depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder etc. This job involves helping people deal with grief, relationship problems, substance abuse, depression or anxiety.

Counsellors help people see different ways to view situations and offer new approaches to managing them. To become a counsellor, you must polish your listening skills, have patience and practice to master.

Paybacks of working in community services

Working as a community services provider comes with a lot of benefits. Government jobs in Australia offer the following benefits:

· Good and competitive salary package

· Enough paid leaves to sustain a healthy work-life balance

· Structured progression and professional development opportunities

· Flexible working environment

· Secured job

Working for the Australian government as a community service provider in a council, state, or Commonwealth government position is rewarding and beneficial for your career and personal growth.

Community Service Courses and Their Importance

Social work is not just limited to aged care. It is quite diverse and might require you to work with people on the field or as advisory personnel. You might be required to advise or offer support to people with social and/or personal problems in your capacity as a social worker.

Apart from one-on-one support, you might also need to help with several social and community issues. As a social worker, you might need to get in touch and interact with people from various strata of society and age groups. Social workers engage and support families, children, at-risk youth, aged adults, and/or affected communities.

Given that the job role is so diverse, some community services courses and certifications will help you work much more smoothly. Here are some diplomas and certifications that you can enrol into:

●   CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services

●   CHC62015 – Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

●   CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support

●   CHC43215 – Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs

●   CHC42015 – Certificate IV in Community Services

●   CHC43115 – Certificate IV in Disability

●   CHC40413 – Certificate IV in Youth Work

●   CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support

●   CHC43315 – Certificate IV in Mental Health

Do not wait any longer. Enrol in a community service course today and discover how it can take your career to new heights.

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