It’s no secret that the trucking industry has expanded rapidly with the popular adoption of e-commerce shopping. Today, we rely more than ever on trucks and truckers to get us products, foods, and other items on time and in one piece.

Many new drivers are joining the existing legions of truckers, and you yourself may be one of them. If you’re going to be driving a large vehicle, you’ll need to get familiar with common truck maintenance mistakes. Making a simple one when caring for your vehicle could lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

What do you need to know about practicing proper regular truck maintenance? Read on and we’ll walk you through how to handle 3 common truck issues.

1. Forgetting to Change the Engine Oil

While a truck may have more going on than a standard vehicle, a lot of the concerns regarding maintenance will be similar. Just as you wouldn’t want to overlook maintaining clean engine oil in a standard passenger vehicle, you won’t want to overlook this task with a large truck.

Clean oil is essential for a truck to run smoothly and safely. It protects the overall condition of your truck’s engine.

Trucks spend a lot of time out in dusty environments, so it’s even more important to get regular oil changes. It’s far too easy for engine oil to get contaminated with debris and dust from the open road. When this happens, it can mean potential harm to your engine.

2. Not Watching the Radiator

The last place you want to find yourself is pulled over to the side of the road because you didn’t take proper care of your vehicle’s radiator. However, overheating is all too common of an occurrence and many drivers find themselves here.

How can you avoid this? Through proper radiator maintenance and care.

You should flush your radiator on a regular basis, at least once every year, if not more often than that. This will remove rust and residue from the system.

If you notice any issues at all with your radiator, it’s worth looking into radiator repair services as soon as possible. Catching issues before they develop can help keep them easy and affordable to fix. This can keep your truck maintenance budget in check.

3. Failing to Rotate Tires

The tread on the tires of a truck can get worn down quite easily, especially if you’re hauling a lot of heavy materials. If you want to properly extend the life of your tires, you’ll want to have them rotated on a regular basis.

Rotating your tires not only allows you to maintain them for much longer, but it’ll also help your vehicle’s suspension and overall gas mileage.

Avoid These Common Truck Maintenance Mistakes

If you’re looking to keep your truck in peak condition for many years to come, you’ll want to get familiar with the above common truck maintenance mistakes. Avoiding these kinds of issues can help you to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your vehicle and that you remain safe on the road.

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