We often face the reality of having more stuff in a house than we can manage. The persistent clutter, overflowing closets, and random piles of items on your dresser are a call for immediate action.

It is impossible to give away or sell out everything you don’t currently need. Some things might carry an emotional value, so parting with them may feel heartbreaking and even impossible.

However, keeping these belongings in a storage unit is a possibility that you might want to explore. Self-storage units are becoming an increasingly popular option among families and individuals.

There can be various reasons to rent a storage unit, but you should also know how to find one. Here is what you should do to rent a suitable storage unit.

How to find a storage unit that meets your requirement

The most convenient and quick way to fnd self storage facilities is to conduct an online search. Simply type ‘storage units’ or ‘self storage’ in your search bar with the name of your city for example, ‘self storage Arlington TX’ and voila! A whole list of options will appear right in front of your eyes.

Since a simple online search can yield multiple results, you can easily get overwhelmend by the sheer number of options, making your search for the perfect storage unit more confusing instead of fruitful. Thus, what you need to do is cancel off all self storage facilities on your list that do not fit your requirements or budget.

When looking for a suitable storage unit, be sure to consider its location. Finding a storage unit near your home not only increases convenience but also reduces transportation costs and the risk of damage during transportation. However, there are other factors that you need to take into account aside from location, such as price, climate control, and space.

Now, let’s move on to all reasons why people use storage units.

  1. Renting out a part of your house

If a portion of your house is not being used much, why not rent it out to make some extra cash? You can move your furniture into self-storage and still have some more money left over after covering the cost of your storage unit. This option is perfect for someone living alone, a small family, students, and empty nesters who have a spare room.

  1. Downsizing to a smaller space

Whether you are marrying off your kids or experiencing life events such as losing a job or a loved one, downsizing and shifting to smaller spaces seems like the right decision. When moving into a smaller place, you need a storage unit to keep everything you cannot fit in your new home. While you might have seen people arranging garage sales to get rid of the extra stuff, there are some items that you love and do not want to part with just yet. You can put these in a storage unit for safekeeping.

  1. Keeping your collectibles in a climate-controlled unit

Collectables often need cool, dry places with humidity levels and temperature slightly under the room temperature. Thus, a collector might want to rent a storage unit to keep their valuable collectibles in a climate-controlled unit. Collectables are often expensive, so keeping them in your house can cause harm to befall them. For example, your child can knock them over while playing. Also, all your collectibles will only add to the clutter in your home. Hence, storage units can be an excellent place to store your valuable stuff, especially since they offer round-the-clock security.

  1. Planning a surprise for your loved one

Are you planning a big surprise for your loved one? Don’t want them to secure a peek? A storage unit is the best place to store a special present until it is time to unveil it. For example, you might have booked a car for your child as a graduation present that got delivered early. Now you wouldn’t want to park it in your garage at home and spoil the fun, so you can hide the car in a storage unit until the day of graduation.

  1. Making room for a new car

Lack of space in the garage can be a big issue, especially if you are planning to buy a new car. However, there is a simple solution for this. You can park any vehicle that is not currently in use in self-storage while driving around town in your new ride. Also, you can rest assured that your cars are in a safe place; so if you are a collector of vintage cars and need a place to park your expensive beauties, self storage is just what you need.

  1. Clearing the clutter in your house

Most of us have so much unnecessary clutter in our homes that we lose track of all we have. Finding essential things that we lost inside our own homes is not an enjoyable activity by any means. Finding them buried in our closets ages later when they are no longer needed is not only annoying but useless as well. So, when this becomes a routine, why not rent out a space to put all that extra stuff that you don’t need away.

  1. Holding on to a loved one’s belongings

If you are expecting a baby or decorating a separate room for your kids, you might need to make extra space in the house. It is impossible to get rid of this extra stuff if it belongs to a family member who is currently not in town or is deceased, and their belongings carry sentimental value. In that case, you can store all their things in a storage unit.

  1. Storing your business inventory

In the initial days of starting a small business, many people run their operations from home. It can be a viable temporary solution, but there can be some hiccups along the way. For example, you might lack space at home to store all your business inventory; and no one wants their home to resemble a warehouse with boxes piled up to the roof. So the easiest way out of this situation is to rent a storage unit.

  1. Renovating your house

Renovation can be extremely messy and often extend to parts of the house where you did not initially intend. In such situations, you cannot leave your belongings lying around to get ruined by splashes of paint and dust. It would be wiser to keep your belongings safe in self-storage until your house is ready for use.

  1. Adopting the lifestyle of a wanderer

If you are frequently traveling for fun or professional needs, leaving your belongings at home for extended periods can be a recipe for disaster. Flooding due to burst pipes and break-ins are just two of the possible scenarios that can occur. Thus, it is sensible to opt for a storage unit.


Different people have different reasons for getting a storage unit, as you already know by now. However, one thing is for sure — regardless of your reason or the misconceptions surrounding it, self storage can be the ideal solution if you are looking for a quick short-term fix.

You do not have to grovel in front of your friends and family to store your stuff in their home temporarily, nor do you have to part with them. Just rent out a self storage unit!

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