For those who don’t know, William Weitz Shaffer is the father of a famous American TV personality, actress, writer, and film producer, India Riven Oxenberg.

India is a descendant of the house of Karaorevi. This is a former royal dynasty of Yugoslavia, commonly known today as Serbia.

William Weitz Shaffer Age and Early Life

According to reports, William Weitz Shaffer was born in 1943. Thus, this makes him 77 years old this year.

His complete name is William Weitz Shaffer. His zodiac sign is Virgo. William grew up in the United States along with his parents and siblings.

His mother is Clara Mae Weitz and his father is Adam Benjamin Charles Shaffer.

William Weitz Shaffer Wife

When he was imprisoned, William was hiding in Germany. This is where he met Catherine Oxenberg, a Dynasty actress.

The two fell in love with each other and had one child. They named their daughter India Riven Oxenberg. India was born on June 7, 1991.

Aside from India, William also has a daughter from his previous partner. The name of his daughter is Carey. She is 44 years old.

When William was imprisoned, Catherine brought India to visit him in jail several times. In 1987, William pled guilty to a single importation offense, drug count, and another money-laundering crime.

William was imprisoned for a long time.

William Weitz Shaffer Daughter

William’s most popular daughter is India Riven Oxenberg. She was born on June 7, 1991. India is a popular TV personality, actress, writer, and film producer in the United States.

India is the granddaughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. She’s also a relative of the former royal family of Serbia known as the House of Karadordevic.

India started her career as a child actress. She had minor roles in TV and film projects that her parents were involved in.

India was also a cast member of “I Married a Princess” as a teenager. It’s a reality TV series.

India Riven Oxenberg Early Life

India was born in 1991 to William Weitz Schaffer and Catherine Oxenberg. In 1992, India’s father was arrested for smuggling marijuana from Thailand.

According to reports, his father profited from more than $50 million from drug trading.

India has the blood of a royal family. She is the granddaughter of Princess Elizabeth. Since she’s her granddaughter, India is a descendant of Prince Arsen.

She is also a relative of the Karadordevic Dynasty. For those who don’t know, this is a dynasty of a royal family that ruled over the Kingdom of Serbia and Yugoslavia.

Aside from that, India is also a relative of the British royal family, the Greek royal family, and the Danish royal family through Princess Olga of Denmark and Greece, her great-grandmother.

India was presented to society at Le Bal des debutantes in 2008 at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. She’s one of the two members of the dynasty to make her debut, together with Victoria de Silva, her cousin and the daughter of Sir Desmond de Silva and Princess Katarina.

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