In any city around the UK, you are going to find pigeons. In particular, they are becoming a problem for property owners in Bristol, being attracted to elevated ledges and roofs, as well as anywhere they can find food.

Unfortunately, pigeons flock together and this means that you are more likely to have a group causing you problems before you know it. This includes creating an unsightly mess, bringing secondary infestations and even becoming a general health and safety hazard. Ultimately, you do not want to have pigeons hanging around your building in Bristol.

But, what can you do to deter pigeons? One of the best options out there is anti-bird netting. Let’s take a closer look at what this solution is and why it might be perfect for your building in Bristol.

The Basics of Anti-Bird Netting

First of all, you might not be familiar with what anti-bird netting is. So, let’s go over the basics so that you do not believe any of the misconceptions that are out there. The netting is secured with the help of a durable and strong cable. This is tensioned and secured around the area where the pigeons are landing. In particular, hog rings are used to position the netting onto the wire system. The netting gauge will depend on the bird that is bothering your building. For instance, if you have smaller birds and pigeons landing on your building, it might be best to choose a size that is a solution for both.

What’s more, experts are going to install high-quality anti-bird netting. This includes netting that is not going to absorb water and rot over time. So, it can be a long-term solution if your property in Bristol is being troubled by pigeons. For instance, this is something that Apex Bird Control can do for you. They can install a dependable netting system on your building in Bristol, which will stop pigeons from damaging your building. This system is good for open spaces, as well as roofs. It can be a permanent fixture if you are noticing an all-year-round problem with pigeons. Alternatively, the netting can be removed.

Avoids Harming Pigeons

Most people do not want to harm pigeons. Yes, they might have become a nuisance to your building. But, the last thing you want is to cause harm to them. This is the great thing about anti-bird netting and using it on buildings in Bristol. It acts as a deterrent to bird infestations and it is in no way designed to harm pigeons.

Simply, anti-bird netting acts as a barrier. It securely attaches to different parts of your building, stopping pigeons from accessing this area. They will not be able to roost and build nests on roofs, ledges or other desirable and protected spots. As a consequence, they are going to leave your property and go somewhere else. Thus, the netting stops them from accessing areas and does not cause pain, distress or any type of harm. This gives you peace of mind and you can know that you are doing the right thing while solving your pigeon problem.

Blends in with the Building

A big concern for property owners is that the anti-bird netting is going to be obvious and ruin what their building looks like. Indeed, this is going to be a concern for anyone whether it is your home or your business. But, the good news is that anti-bird netting is designed to be discreet. This means it is able to deter birds but without being an eyesore.

A lot of professional companies offer netting in different colours, which allows you to select one that goes best with your building. Thus, it is not going to draw your eye or immediately stand out. In particular, when the netting is high hup on your building, it is going to blend in well and after a while, you are going to forget that it is even there.

Other Tips for Deterring Pigeons

Anti-bird netting is definitely going to keep pigeons away from certain parts of your property. But, there are other things you can do to make sure that they do not hang around and look to return to other spots. In particular, make sure that there is no food source available to them. In other words, ensure no food is lying around or there are no bins accessible. This is often something that encourages pigeons to stick around and bother you.

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