A passport is more than just a document you need to go on holiday. It’s about your freedom and your right to live and work in different countries. Your passport can give you additional opportunities for work, study and travel around the world. A second passport can protect you from unpredictable threats in your home country and give you the chance to move elsewhere if need be.

Some passports hold more power and opportunities than others. Here are the benefits of having a second passport.

Travelling freedom

A second passport can help you internationalise your life and financial assets. You visit diverse locations, explore new cultures and meet people from around the world. Your passport can allow you to travel to more places without a visa.

Applying for a visa is a lengthy process, made up of many costs and interviews. Instead of applying for a visa every time you travel, look into a second passport so you can travel more freely.

Finding a new home

A second passport allows you to move to another country without having to live like a refugee. You have the option to work and live in your chosen country legally.


Many people want to leave their country because of their high taxes. Taxes can take significant chunks out of an individual’s income. Move to a tax-free passport so you can opt-out of the tax regime and live a better life.

Education of your child

Countries across the globe take great pride in how they are educating the younger generation. However, certain countries have a more advanced education system that your children could benefit from. A better education can lead to improved career options, social connections and family wealth.

So, which countries have the strongest international passports?

The top-ranking countries have over 180 visa-free countries available to their passport holders. The most developed European countries are high on this list, like Germany, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg. The UK and US have 185 destinations, while Japan takes the lead at a staggering 191 destinations.

India has one of the worst passports in the world, with only 58 visa-free countries, and most of them are places people don’t want to visit. However, it should be noted that since the pandemic, a weak passport is no longer synonymous with a less-advanced country.

A second passport should be a priority for individuals looking to leave their home country or open up their travel opportunities.

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