Do you want a picture-perfect smile without enduring the rigorous treatment process of braces? Or are you looking for a perfect teeth procedure for your teeth? Dental Veneers can be the answer to your problem.

This cosmetic dentistry procedure covers the teeth by fitting porcelain laminates custom fit to the patients’ teeth to improve the appearance of the front surface of the teeth.

It involves removing at least one millimeter of enamel on both sides of the tooth. After this, the dentist will put each of the shells on top of your natural tooth. They will also put the shells in place for each tooth using special cement. It will give way to install it properly and ensure the correct fitting for each tooth.

Once installed, the veneers imitate the appearance of your natural teeth and improve the shape and overall look of your teeth without undergoing the pain of having dental braces or any orthodontic fixtures.

They help you achieve the perfect-looking smile by attaching composite resin materials to the teeth. Thus, the length, shape, and size of the teeth reflecting a straight white tooth changed. The final look is a natural-looking tooth with perfect alignment. It is stain-resistant and has a more durable bond.

Dental veneers are a painless procedure for cosmetic dentistry. This minimally invasive procedure aims to enhance your smile and fix the alignment of your teeth. This procedure has a high success rate, which guarantees a perfect smile at the end of the procedure.

  • Fix gaps and hide imperfections

It can hide the gaps by filling the in-between of the tooth. The shells are shaped and are fit together to close the gap.

It could also hide any imperfection of the tooth. The installed shells cover any discoloration or crookedness of the teeth, giving an impression of having a perfect set of teeth.

  • Cover cracks and chips

Through time, a bad bite, cavities, or simply biting hard food can cause a crack or chips in your teeth. Veneers can be the answer to fix this. The shells will dematerialize the tooth and will be molded and polished to achieve a perfect smile.

  • Whiten your smile

The shell will be matched to look like the natural color of your teeth. Aside from this, the color can cover teeth stains caused by various factors. The color of the teeth could be customized that will also match your skin color.

  • Correct overcrowding

This cosmetic dentistry procedure can also target the positioning and arrangement of your teeth using no orthodontic tool. It will help you elude the hassle and pain of having braces. It will also straighten your teeth and create the perfect alignment.

  • Change the length and shape of your teeth

It improves the length, and even out your teeth. It will help improve the appearance by giving a clean look through the even-out shape of the teeth.

  • Resurfacing the tooth

As we age, the enamel of the tooth could erode and affect the surface of the tooth. The ceramic laminates improve the surface of the tooth structure. The shells will give an even out surface, which creates a good impression of good-looking teeth.

Solid restoration

Porcelain veneers have a firmer material. By practicing correct oral health hygiene and proper care, your veneers could last up to ten or even 20 years.

To take good care, one must brush their teeth at least twice a day, floss every tooth, and use a mouthwash. To last, proper care and maintenance are the keys.

Improved self-confidence

With an excellent set of teeth, you will increase your confidence and flaunt your smile with ease and sureness. This good impression of your smile will add a boost to your confidence.

So are porcelain veneers for me?

Veneers both have their pros and cons. But the major advantage is to improve the appearance of the teeth. It also fixes the alignment and bite of your mouth. It is a semi-permanent solution to your flawed smile. Aside from this, this procedure is hassle-free and convenient, unlike installing a piece of orthodontic equipment to improve your smile. 

This painless procedure will help you achieve the result within a short period. It will also give you permanent bright white teeth. The maintenance of veneers is as easy as the care of your natural teeth. To ensure that this will last, remember to maintain good oral health hygiene. With proper care and maintenance, your veneers can last a lifetime.

To visualize, you may request a proposed simulation from your dentist to see the outcome of your chosen procedure. Through this, you can have an idea of the whole procedure. As well as the expected outcome of the process, cost of the procedure, and overall experience.

It is not bad to invest in yourself and choose an option to improve your appearance. Veneers are a good investment that will guarantee money back. It is to install a veneer or to have a brace to improve your smile. Always remember to consult your family dentist and discuss the best options possible depending on your case and capabilities.

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