With the number of options available for hair extensions and different methods used nowadays, picking the ideal one is daunting. The process has recently gained tremendous popularity and is a boon for people with fragile and rough tresses. Furthermore, one needs a detailed understanding of the different methods for distinct hair types to make the right choice.

If you want to know the most popular and commonly used methods like clip in hair extensions, a weave, etc., that are ideal for all hair types, read on. Dive into the different types to have a clear understanding that would help one make an informed choice.

Clip-in Method

Clip-in is a famous method most people are opting for. It is one of the quickest ways to achieve long and thick tresses. As the name suggests, the wefts come with clips already attached to the product for easy application. Clip in hair extensions are the best option for those not seeking long-term commitments to manage the attachments.

The best part of this type is that one can apply it themselves and remove it easily with assistance. Without professional help, they will be ready with the long and fuller mane in minutes.

La Weave

This braidless sew-in method is a flat and discreet alternative to the usual braided technique. This attachment gives a seamless look, and no one can tell where the part starts or where it stops. This method is ideal if you want a fuller and lustrous look with the mane. This method is trendy and a choice of many.

Braided Weave Sew-In

As the name suggests, the attachments are sewed on the original strands for long-term results. The braided sew-in method is achieved by initially braiding the original one in the form of cornrows, then they are sewed into the braids with the help of a needle. To acquire more significant results that last for an extended period, it is recommended that one remove the attachment every six to eight weeks.

However, it is not at all recommended for delicate tresses. This product is usually recommended for people with an original thick mane.

Invisible Weave

The invisible weave hair extension method is storming the world of hair attachments. This type of integration helps solve many problems that women otherwise face. When one employs this method, they can rest assured that the product will not be visible at the base. Also, as is common with other kinds of extensions, there will be no need to deal with the beads, braids, or bonds.

Another best aspect about this method is that the weft segments are seamlessly secured with their original tresses without using glue, heat, or tight braids. As the name suggests, invisible attachments are leveraged to extended strands.


A long, voluminous mane is something that never goes out of style. Moreover, any kind of lengthening product looks stunning. With the advent of extensions, one can achieve the hairstyle of their dreams quickly and affordably.

You can easily add length and volume to the natural mane by opting for the best hair attachment available on the market.

Go through the points mentioned above to make an informed choice. As long as you buy high quality products from reputed stores, you can be assured that they will last a long time.

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