New Zealand has been widely known for its aesthetically pleasing sceneries alongside its marvellous tourist destinations. Numerous beaches, landmarks, and hotels have been frequently visited, and different people from all walks of life have stayed longer for its culture.

Aside from these figures, the region is also famously recognised for its booming alcohol industry. The production of cocktails by large distiller corporations have made spirits in NZ a go-to drink.

Cocktails are made by mixing two or more types of alcoholic ingredients together to produce a flavourful and aromatic drink. If you are also an aficionado of savouring different blends of spirits, then you must know the following points:

What are the different types of cocktail spirits?

There are different variations and types of cocktail spirits to choose from, and each region across the globe has its distinct way of mixing them. For your convenience, here are some of the famously recognised cocktail spirits that are heavily patronised in New Zealand!

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey is made from spring water, corn, and barley malt. Depending on the producer’s preference, the process of Bourbon preparation may include additives and flavouring to better accentuate its savoury taste.

Rye Whiskey

Rye Whiskey is a special cocktail drink made from 60% rye with additional grain. Some people prefer this type of drink for its simple, elegant taste.

Blended Scotch Whiskey

Scotch is made from malt and grain, which makes it distinctively unique and palatable to the senses


Rum is made from sugar cane which makes it good for those who want a unique flavour added to their sipping sessions.

So how are cocktail drinks made?

The primary method used to prepare cocktail drinks and spirits is distillation. However, since it is one of the most convenient ones, many distillers and cocktail producers have adapted its use to make production efficient and fast.

Moreover, many cocktail drinks are at least made through fermentation which is a similar process used in making alcoholic beverages. Both of these techniques use yeast to feed on the sugar component and yield the alcoholic product necessary to make the said beverages. Here are some of the steps in fermentation:

  • Milling

Milling helps break down the protective hull necessary in mashing the components of the raw materials.

  • Mashing

The yielded starch from the milled component is mixed with sugar and water to create a substance otherwise commonly known as a Mash.

  • Fermentation

The anaerobic process creates alcohol from the lactic acid build-up and adds yeast to further break down the alcoholic component of the raw materials used.

  • Distillation

The grain particles and other substrates are heated until the alcohol evaporates and leaves the boiling vessel used for distillation. The final product is then condensed to form the needed output.

What are some important considerations when preparing cocktails and spirits?

When producing cocktail drinks and spirits, you must consider the amount and the calibration of the mixtures to get a good glimpse of what the flavour and blend will taste like. Some expert distillers produce high-quality spirits in NZ, which are exported around the globe simply because of their intricate selection process when it comes to choosing the right ingredients and components.

To ensure this, you must consider these things to have a good output after choosing which type of technique to employ.

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