You should know that drinking alcohol is not everybody’s cup of tea. But, you can be an alcohol connoisseur who loves exploring the different varieties of alcohol. If you want to expand your alcohol range, you should never leave whisky out.

Whisky is an alcoholic spirit distilled from fermented grain mash. Distilleries use various grains, including rye, corn, and wheat. You can find many brands like the Rye Malt Whisky, a fan favourite for many whisky and alcohol enthusiasts. Before you dive into the world of being a whisky enthusiast, you should learn the basics of what whisky is.

How Distilleries Make Whisky

As mentioned before, whisky is made from fermented grain mash and can be made using other grain classes. Most distilleries produce whisky in a pot still and left to age inside wooden caskets, which is why you will see many barrels inside a whisky distillery factory stacked together. You will find whisky production interesting, especially when you see a pot still up close for the first time.

It is a copper or stainless steel distillation apparatus with copper lining that many whisky manufacturers use to distil flavoured liquors. The copper lining helps in removing sulphur-based compounds from the alcohol, improving its taste. Distillers use the pot more often than other apparatuses like the column still because it can produce a more flavoured distillate.

One fun fact about whisky is that it does not age when stored in a bottle. Distilleries store them in casks to determine their maturity, and once the whisky reaches a decade or two staying inside the cask, the distillery transfers and packages them to be sent to stores.

Different Whisky Types

You can find at least two types of whisky; grain and malt. Malt whisky like Archie Rose Distilling’s Rye Malt Whisky is created from barley, while the other one can be created from different grain types.

There are also different types of whisky, such as wheat, rye, corn, bourbon, and malt. They each have different distilling methods. For example, bourbon is placed in new charred oak barrels to help achieve its distinct taste.

Celebrating World Whisky Day

You should know that there is a world event dedicated to whisky called the World Whisky Day celebrated every third Saturday of May.

Many bars and distilleries worldwide celebrate the annual event, like the Black Rock bar situated in London. As long as there is a local distillery near you, there is a big chance that they will be celebrating World Whisky Day, so you should join in on the fun whenever you can!

Drinking Whisky the Right Way

An ideal method of drinking whisky is to drink it neat while cleansing your tongue with cold water after each sip. You can also add several drops of water to your whisky if you want to open more flavours as the liquids mix together. Once you have finished letting neat whisky invade your entire tongue, you can proceed to pour your next glass of whisky with some ice to enjoy it better.

Hopefully, you will be able to appreciate whisky more after reading some of these interesting facts. The quality of whisky is essential, and it affects the taste of the whisky you drink. One of the good quality brands of whisky is the Rye Malt Whisky. You can also choose from a variety of other brands to get the perfect whisky best suited to your taste. If you want your first whisky taste to be perfect, make sure you get them from reliable distilleries.

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