Are you looking for something different to do on a Friday or Saturday night? Well, if you have not considered it before, now is the time to think about going to a show at a comedy club. This can be an escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to relax and unwind. Of course, you can laugh all evening and forget your troubles.

If you are new to the comedy club scene, you might wonder how it works. What is the format and what can I expect when I get there? Let’s break it down and see what you can expect your night to look like.

ID Check on the Door

First of all, before you enter the comedy club, you are going to have to show your ID. There is often a policy that you have to be over 18 years old to enter since there can be a bar on the premises. This is something that will be done on the door and to everyone. Yes, you may think that you look over 18 years old to be allowed in, but it is simply a policy to check everyone’s IDs. So, make sure that you bring a passport or driver’s licence that has an image and your date of birth on it.

Take Your Seat Early

Next, you will want to get a seat. Indeed, there can be a happy hour there before the show starts and you can get a drink first. But, the next step will be getting a seat that you like and that you are comfortable with. For instance, there are some people that like to be the background, so they are not selected by the comedian. Just make sure that you take your seat early so that you are not late for the show starting.

Show Starts

Now, the part that everyone has been waiting for. The show is about to begin. So, what happens when it starts? Well, at Comedy Carnival, you are often going to have several acts that you can enjoy during a show. For example, this can be three or four comedians. They are all going to have their own sets. If a show starts at 8 pm and then ends at 10 pm, this means that they are going to have equal slots, as well as there being a short interval.

During the show, you want to ensure that you adopt the etiquette of comedy clubs. In particular, you want to respect each performer and not heckle them even if you do not agree with one of their jokes. Comedy is subjective, but you still want to be respectful when they are performing. It is also best not to talk or allow your mobile phone to go off during the show so that it does not become a distraction.

Bar Until Midnight

There are comedy clubs that encourage you to stick around after the show. In particular, they can have a bar that is open until midnight and that you can enjoy. Indeed, if you are going to see a comedy show with friends or family that you have not seen in a while, you may wish to enjoy a drink and chat afterwards. In addition, you can even socialise with others that have been watching the show too.

How Do I Choose a Comedy Club Show?

So, now that you know how a comedy show is going to happen, you may be wondering how to pick the best one to go to. Well, you will want to read about the comedian first. This way, you can understand their type of humour and the style of their show. After all, you want to laugh along with them and choose someone with a similar sense of humour to you. Thankfully, there is a lot of information online. In some cases, there will be videos available that you can watch and gain a better idea of what that comedian is going to be like.

Do not forget also to research the comedy club. You want to enjoy going there and feel comfortable. Take a look at the location and if you are able to get there easily. You do not want to be late for the show. You can also look up reviews and see what others have to say about the venue. If the place is popular and has good reviews, this can give you peace of mind before you go.

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