Do you practice meditation? Many people swear by meditation for redirecting thoughts, finding a sense of calmness and improving their productivity for the day ahead. Indeed, it may have the power to improve your quality of life.

But, this is only going to be true if you are able to get in the zone and meditate properly. This can take some dedication and practice. Something that might be able to help you is incorporating aromatherapy into your session and using essential oils. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you may be able to enjoy when you use essential oils during your meditation session.


First of all, let’s start with sandalwood. This is an oil that may help you to remove tension, as well as find a sense of inner peace. Indeed, a lot of people like the scent of sandalwood and how it has a wood fragrance. This can remind you of being outdoors and around pine and cedar. Sandalwood has also been renowned for helping with things like nausea and a stuffy nose. So, if you are generally feeling low and want to improve your day with meditation, sandalwood might be the essential oil to select.

If you do want to use essential oil during your meditation sessions, make sure that you select natural products. This is going to allow you to enjoy the full benefits offered by that essential oil. What’s more, you can create your own meditation blend of several oils that you like. This way, you can combine the benefits into one. So, let’s explore what other essential oils you can use alongside sandalwood.


First of all, let’s start by considering lavender. This is a very popular essential oil because it has a lovely scent. But it is also used for a variety of purposes. Namely, one of them is relaxation. This makes it perfect for an enjoyable meditation session and to get into the zone that is most productive.

In particular, lavender can help to calm the mind. This is something that you want during a meditation session and especially if you are trying to get rid of anxious thoughts. Indeed, it can help you to calm down and relax.  When you are in this state, you can experience more focus during the day after your session. Holding onto anxiety, stress and negative thoughts will affect your day. Meditating with lavender essential oil can help you change that.


When you say frankincense, your mind probably thinks about Christmas. But, this is actually an amazing essential oil to try out during meditation. The reason for this is that frankincense may help you connect with your spirituality. A lot of people say that it helps them to feel connected to themselves and enjoy good energy.

What’s more, frankincense is linked to other benefits too. This can include relieving stress, as well as reducing inflammation. So, your morning meditation sense might have a fantastic effect for the day ahead. The only way you are going to know is by trying it out for yourself. Often, this essential oil is described as smelling similar to wood but being sweet at the same time.


When it comes to meditation, steady and deep breathing is going to be important. It is a huge part of what is going to give you clarity, clear your mind and provide you with energy. But, if you are feeling under the weather or congested, this is going to make meditation more difficult. But, this is where essential oils can come in and help.

In particular, eucalyptus is an essential oil that can help you feel less congested and energised. It has a cool yet spicy scent, which can help you with concentration too. It is known as an expectorant, which means it can clear your airways and allow you to breathe a lot easier. In particular, this is going to work if you take deep breaths.


There are some people that complain they are drowsy after a meditation session. Although this is not something you should feel after meditation, it can be a possibility depending on how your session was. If you want to change this, you can always try peppermint oil. This is used for an energy boost and to make you feel more awake. Simply add some to an aroma diffuser and see how you feel. It is also an essential oil associated with better concentration.

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