Standard storage water heaters are bulky, expensive, and ugly. Instead, take a look at instant water heaters, which have many benefits over the storage kind. Two of the biggest benefits are water and money.

What is an instant water heater? They are water heaters that will heat water on demand without the need for bulky water tanks. They come in various sizes, each able to heat a specific amount of water.

What sort of benefits do instant water heaters have? Are there any instant water heater tips? Read on to learn the benefits of using an instant water heater!

Longer Life Span

The standard water heater lasts eight to twelve years before it needs replacing. That includes regular maintenance. An instant water heater can last up to twenty years with regular maintenance.

Instant water heaters usually come with a ten to fifteen-year warranty. That’s a huge upgrade from your old system. Adding an instant water heater doubles the life span of your water heating system.

Convenience & Efficiency

Instant water heaters are a fraction of the size of standard water heaters. They can fit into more convenient places, including on walls. Doing this lets you save your home’s floor space!

An instant water heater is also more efficient because it only runs when needed. There’s no energy lost to keep water at a constant temperature. That translates to significant cost savings.

Constant Hot Water Supply

With a standard storage heater, you can only heat a set amount of water at once. After that, you need to wait for it to replenish. The supply is constant with instant water heaters since the water gets heated on demand.

When using these water heaters, water is heated by the heating element as it passes through the unit. The unit’s size determines how many gallons per minute you need and how hot you want it. The larger the home, the larger the unit you’ll need.

Low Leak Risk

Storage water heaters offer a greater risk of leaks because they keep large amounts of water in the tank. In the case of a worst-case scenario, this can mean water damage to portions of your home. This is not the case with instant water heaters since there’s no water stored in a tank, hence no flooding!

Fresher & Cleaner Water

The interior of a storage tank heater can, over time, collect debris. Rust and other sediments collect inside the tank over time and lead to lower water quality. Without the tank, an instant water heater delivers cleaner and fresher water.

Are Instant Water Heaters Right For You?

Instant water heaters take up less room and give you cleaner water than standard storage heaters. You have a much lower risk of leaks and can save substantial money on energy costs thanks to the on-demand nature of an instant water heater. Consider one the next time you need to replace your home’s system.

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