If there’s one thing no one can’t predict it’s the path and power of Mother Nature. Tragic events tend to happen when we least expect them, especially natural disasters that humankind never seems quite prepared for.

This is where insurance is an absolute saving grace in the unpredictability of life. But not just any insurance — flood insurance. Most homeowners make the mistake of assuming their home insurance policies cover this type of disaster. The reality is that most of them don’t cover natural disasters and only a portion of accidental flooding.

Here’s why you might want to consider taking out separate flood insurance for when you least expect it.

Flood Insurance Fully Protects Your Home 

You really don’t need a ton of water to wreak havoc throughout your property. In fact, only one inch of water can cause more than $25,000 worth of damage. When you think about it, something as simple as a burst pipe could cause this type of damage, and if you’re not home to catch it, the results could be dire.

With flood insurance, you have the peace of mind that your home is fully covered, no matter how much water damage it withstands.

Unlike homeowner’s insurance policies, you can claim for everything related to flood damage. Whether it’s new flooring, drapes, flood remediation, new carpets, etc., flood insurance is comprehensive.

It Even Covers Structural Damage 

While most types of home flooding cases do not lead to the actual damage of your home structure or foundation, there are situations where this can happen. Vital components that are also damaged, such as HVAC or electrical systems also fall into this category.

These types of structural and functional issues can be financially crippling to tackle on your own. They can also render your home unliveable for a good chunk of time. With flood insurance, you can count on the financial support that you need to remedy these major issues in a decent timeframe.

Want to learn more about what flood insurance will cost you? Check out this flood insurance cost calculator.

It Offers Personal Property Protection

What counts as personal property? In basic terms, these are your personal belongings –and they are also prone to a ton of damage during a home flood. Also known as contents coverage, flood insurance offers protection up to the amount of about $100,000 (in most cases).

So if you have furniture, appliances, clothing, and other personal items that are damaged during a flood, you can replace them with flood insurance.

Protect Those Whom You Love the Most

One of the best ways to protect and care for your loved ones is with a proactive approach to the unpredictable in life. Taking out flood insurance is a way of offering protection before these types of natural disasters or accidents occur.

Basically, this is the best way to ensure your family has a solid roof over their head, even when disaster strikes. It’s also a good way to protect your family’s prized possessions.

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Remember that if you live in a high-risk flood zone, flood insurance might be a compulsory purchase as a homeowner. But even if you don’t, why wouldn’t you want to have this type of peace of mind and protection for your family?

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