There are indeed many benefits when it comes to doing a shoe fundraiser. You will find the benefits of doing a shoe drive that we mention here to be interesting and insightful. Perhaps you will then be inspired to do your own shoe fundraiser.

1. No Upfront Cost For Inventory

When you do a shoe drive, you collect shoes from people who are donating their various types of shoes to you. You do not have to pay for the shoes. You can offer to collect the shoes free of charge, since they are donating them to you.

Also, if collecting the shoes would be too much trouble for you, the process can be simplified when you have a designated site where people can drop off the shoes to you. Then when you have collected the shoes, you will have your free inventory, which is the used shoes. Then it will be time to sell the shoes to raise money for your designated project.

2. Wide Variety Of Shoes

When you are doing a shoe fundraiser, you will have access to a wide variety of shoes. This will be good, so that you can serve various types of customers who will be looking for different types of shoes. 

For example, you may have sports shoes, dress shoes and casual shoes. Someone may be into running and may want some sports shoes. Someone else may be looking for a pair of casual shoes that are suitable for everyday use. Someone may be going to a special event and may need a pair of dress shoes. 

Therefore, when you collect shoes from people and are willing to accept various kinds of shoes, this will certainly allow you to increase the amount of money that you will be able to make from selling the shoes at the shoe fundraiser instead of focusing on collecting and selling only one kind of shoes.

3. Earn Money With A Shoe Drive

You will be able to earn money with your shoe drive. This is because people know that they are donating their shoes with the intent that you will sell the shoes to make money for your particular project. The amount of money that you can earn can turn out to be a large sum.

For example, if you have a good quantity of shoes that have been donated, then you could make anywhere from one thousand dollars to as much as three thousand dollars. This demonstrates that a shoe fundraiser is truly a worthwhile endeavor to earn the money that you need for your particular project.

4. Do Not Have To Ask For Money

When you need money for a project, it is good to have a shoe drive. This is because you do not have to ask people for money. People may not like to give money directly and may feel that you are being bold if you ask for donations of money for a project. 

But many people really do have used shoes that are still in good condition that they are not using and that they may just throw away in the trash. But when they hear of your shoe fundraiser, they will feel good that they are donating something that they do not need anymore for a good cause. There is something in the human nature of many people that makes them prefer to donate items instead of money.

5. Protects The Environment

If you love doing what you can to protect the environment, then having a shoe drive is an excellent way to do this. This is due to the fact that many shoes will be saved from going to the landfill, because people will be donating them instead of throwing them out. 

Thus, it is good to know that the shoes will continue to be used by people who need them. It is always good to do what we can to repurpose items instead of sending them to the landfill in order to protect our environment as much as possible.

6. Anyone Can Do This

A shoe fundraiser is not limited to any particular person, group or organization. Thus, there are no barriers for anyone who wants to do a shoe fundraiser. No one can tell you that you are not qualified to do a shoe fundraiser. 

If you desire to do a shoe drive and you have the ambition and dedication, then you will be able to do your shoe fundraiser well. Indeed, a shoe fundraiser is a terrific option for schools, non profit organizations, civic groups, PTA groups, businesses, as well as individuals and families who desire to earn money for a noteworthy project or cause. 

For example, if someone knows that an organization needs money to help people, an individual who is not directly associated with the organization may take the initiative to do a shoe drive in order to raise money to give money to the particular organization. 

People may want to do this if they find a cause that is close to their heart and values and want to make a donation to the organization. They may not personally have the money that is needed to donate to the cause, but a shoe drive allows them to find a clever and helpful way to raise the money that is needed by the organization.

7. Sense Of Feeling Good

When you participate in a shoe fundraiser, you will be earning money for a worthy cause. It will make you have a sense of feeling good. This is because you are actively participating in doing something that is worthwhile. You will be proud of yourself in a good way, knowing that you saw the fundraiser through to completion and that you were able to collaborate with other people on the project. 

You will have a sense that you made a difference by contributing your time and effort to do the fundraiser in order to achieve your goal of raising a targeted amount of money that is needed for a particular worthy cause. As a result, you will have a stronger sense of wanting to help others in the future and you will experience a deep level of positive personal growth as an individual.

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