Heat transfer through windows accounts for 25-30% of your total home energy use. The best way to cut this percentage down in your home? Buy the right kind of window fixtures.

The type of windows you have in your home can make a big difference in your utility bills. Buy window fixtures that are energy efficient such as double-glazed windows.

Double glazed windows, also known as double-pane windows, have a layer of air between glass to aid in insulation. Read on to find out all you need to know about this superior form of window.

All About Window Fixtures

Back in the day, your only option for windows was single-paned glass. This window design is not energy efficient. Heat and air are easily transferred from the interior of your home to the outside world via single pane glass.

This type of glass is also exceptionally brittle and will shatter into a million pieces if broken. The best new windows are not made of single pane glass.

Instead, they incorporate modern designs to create the best possible window that insulates your home while providing you an excellent view.

Enter the Double-Glazed Window

Air is one of the best insulators known to mankind. It is what makes an igloo able to retain heat in the coldest of environments. Air bubbles trapped inside snow allow it to insulate an interior environment.

If you look at the most efficient forms of insulation they incorporate air in one form or another. From the spray insulation found in your attic, to the thermal shirt you wear when it is cold, all incorporate the insulating properties of air.

It is no surprise that the best forms of energy-efficient windows also incorporate air into their design. Double-glazed or double-pane windows have a layer of air trapped between two panes of glass.

The air acts as a heat blocker regulating the internal temperature of your home from the outside elements. Double glazing windows are now the industry norm when it comes to producing the most energy-efficient windows.

Your best bet to get double-glazed windows? Call a reputable window company that specializes in double-glazed window installation. The right window service can install your windows for a fair price and do so fast.

These types of windows may cost a bit more, but they will save you a ton of money on your monthly electricity bills in the long run.

With the summer months in full swing, and the winter right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about energy efficiency. It is time to start thinking about installing some double-glazed windows.

Get the Best Windows for Your Home!

If you want the most top-quality window fixtures around, you need double-glazed windows. Stop struggling to meet monthly utility bills and watching your money float out the window.

Get double-glazed windows installed in your home today so that you can cut down on your energy usage. If you enjoyed reading this, check out other informative content on our blog!

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