If you’re moving to another state, it makes more sense to ship your belongings and fly. Driving everything yourself to a different destination can be very tiring and almost impossible. You will require some assistance to help you move. When it comes to your vehicle, shipping it to another location is much better than having to drive it all the way.

There are different ways to ship car to another state through car transportation companies. Car transportation services are a great option to have your car moved to a different location. The fees of moving your car can fluctuate depending on how far your car needs to be delivered from the starting point.

These transportation services offer different ways in which you can ship your car. Here is a list of the most common methods of transportation:

  • Door-to-door Shipping:

Door-to-door shipping enables you to select a pick-up and drop location of your preference. If you want it picked up from your house or delivered to your house, the driver allotted to you will try to stick to your preference as long as it complies with safety and legal regulations. Whether you want your car picked up from a school, a park, a coffee shop, or wherever you are, door-to-door shipping gives you the luxury to avoid driving to a drop location.

  • Open Car Haulers:

Open car haulers are the most pocket friendly way to have your vehicle shipped in the United States. In this process, your car will be secured on an open trailer with other multiple vehicles.

The first thought that might occur to you may be about any damages that might come your vehicle’s way, but most transportation companies cover it with insurance. These damage prone incidents are a rare occurrence so there’s nothing to fret over. The driver will come as close as possible to your location for loading or unloading. Drivers also inspect the car before picking it up to learn about any damages that are already present.

  • Enclosed Car Haulers:

Enclosed car haulers are perfect when you want to ensure utmost safety of your vehicle. Enclosed car haulers are used frequently for luxury cars in order to keep them safe from any road dirt or flying debris.

Enclosed car haulers require a higher investment than oper car haulers, but the benefits far surpass the cost. When your car is being moved in an enclosed car hauler, you can stay stress-free knowing that you have made a sound investment.

  • Expedited Car Shipping:

Plans change all the time. You may change your decision and decide to go vacation in a different location or there’s an emergency that requires you to move interstate. When something like this happens, you can opt for expedited car shipping. All you have to do is pay an extra fee and your car will be shipped on priority basis, as soon as possible.

Moving your car can be very stressful, but opting for automobile shipping relieves you of unnecessary stress during your move. Do your research and choose a car transportation company that can offer good benefits. It’s always a good idea to check their insurance policies and cancellation details. You can also ask your friends and family for company recommendations. Reassurance from a loved one is always a plus point! Get searching and book your preferred service today!

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