What are the things that pop into your mind when the talk is about air pollution? Industrial smokestacks, traffic, etc. These are the common and known pollutants that we know and have learned about. But what about the indoor air pollutant? Are you sure you are giving your loved ones clean and healthy indoor air to breathe in? This would have surprised many as they would have not come across the term indoor air pollutant.

Straightening the fact, the indoor air is as bad and worse than the outdoor air. It is also one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the inmate’s health. And with the stay-at-home-orders in this pandemic, it becomes more riskier to breathe the air inside. So what is the solution for this?

By now, many would be facing panic attacks as they are thinking hard about how the quality of the indoor air can be improved. Panic not. With a little knowledge and preventative maintenance, the indoor air quality Brooklyn, NY, can be improved.

Common Air Pollutants

The air pollutant can span from the dirt and dust brought by your pets to the dangerous gas leaks. And the most common air pollutant is carbon monoxide that escapes to your house without being properly burned off. Old homes have lead particles and asbestos, which if released can damage and harm the lungs. In the kitchen and bathrooms, molds and mildews are the issues because of the high moisture level.

Now if you have understood the common air pollutants that are present in your house, by taking simple measures, you can improve the quality of the indoor air by as much as 90%. Call the air duct cleaning services Brooklyn, NY, and give your family the best health they deserve. The following are a few of the things that will help to improve indoor air quality.

Change the Air Filter

The air conditioner works all-round the year to give the inmates the desired comfort. When the air conditioner is being used, the system filters the air, taking up everything in the air filters. With time, the air filters get clogged with dust particles, which eventually end up not doing their job properly.

The clogged filter comprises the indoor air quality and also strains the system hard leading to costly repairs and replacements. Therefore, make sure to clean the air filter regularly once a month for better quality and performance of the system.

Inspect the Air Ducts

The job of the air ducts is to distribute the air evenly throughout the house. If the ducts are not properly installed or maintained, they can contaminate the air.

It also accumulates dust, dirt, dander, molds, and other particles, if not cared for and maintained well. This will reduce the equality of the indoor air by 70%, as the duct particles from one room will be transported to the other rooms via air ducts.

Keep the Rugs and Carpets Clean

Rugs and carpets not just increase the comfort but also add beauty to the décor. They trap the dust and other particles, acting as their own filters. Since the rugs and carpets take up a huge amount of dust particles, it becomes very important for the homeowners to clean them regularly at least once a week.

Invest in an Indoor Plants

Plants are known to be the natural air filters of nature. Just by placing a few indoor plants, you will be surprised to see the difference as to how it improves the quality of the indoor air. It also adds beauty to the home décor. The best plants considered for indoors are lilies, ferns, and large palm trees.

Control Humidity Level

The best condition for mold and mildew growth is where there is a low humidity level. It will also cause issues like asthma and allergy attacks. Control the humidity level by investing in a good quality dehumidifier.

To keep the indoor air clean and healthy is not a simple job. Now that this article has pointed out a few ways to improve indoor air quality, it also requires efforts and help from experienced experts like that of the Vvoy Service Hub. Get an appointment as early as possible and give your loved ones clean and healthy air to breathe in. Call 718-557-9575 for more information.

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